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The Bloggers Brunch kicked off 2018 in NSW this month, read our recap of the event.

The Bloggers Brunch is the ultimate networking environment for Influencers and Brands to meet and mingle. It’s designed for brands who all sell products that mums buy; either for themselves, their household or their kids.  They’re here to meet sensational, validated contacts to educate, sample to and ignite brand experiences.

Brands that participate don’t have time or $ to waste, and want to ignite significant word of mouth and mum-to-mum endorsements – critical to driving sales, in a short amount of time.  They also love the idea of getting more exposure than morning TV, in 4 hours – for a 10th of the price. Locking in a 4-6 month user generated content calendar is icing on the cake for them!

Do you like the sound of this? If so, check out what brands had to say and contact us to find out how we can get the same results for you too:

The women who attended the May event, have greater reach than morning television:

Over 75 bloggers took part in the interactive brand experience in Sydney

The Brands:

Twelve brands from Food to Finance, Health to Home, Beauty to Baby and everything in between participated. Including: Ryobi, Caruso’s Natural Health, Goodstart Early Learning, ASG, Nintendo, Marathon Foods, Spinmaster, Medela, Mustela, Vax and Smash.

Exhibitors rocked it with no brand competitors. This event ensures category exclusivity.

Results & Testimonials from brands:

92% of influencers were more likely to now purchase the products as a result of meeting them at the event. 

We were blown away! ” Spinmaster had a phenomenal response at their first Bloggers Brunch this year.

THIS is the best thing we have ever done!” – Mustela

Any brand who wants to be successful needs to get on board the Bloggers Brunch, otherwise they are going to be left behind.” – Smash

Our goal was to educate and change the way Mums view our brand…and we certainly feel like we were given the platform to accomplish that!” – Nintendo

There is so much to absorb but extremely useful insights to the market place and our shopper. It has also helped us to reaffirm our direction is the correct one with our improvements to our recipes and R&D.” – Marathon Foods.

Such a well organised event! We’ve been involved in many expos and events and it’s really refreshing to be a part of something so well done. Definitely a wonderful experience” – Goodstart

All these women want to talk. They want to communicate. They want to collaborate and – they want to learn something. I love it.” – Ryobi

The best part is that they really enjoy what they’re doing and they’re willing to share what they see here today. It’s a great way of getting the message out to your customers. Highly recommend it.” – Caruso’s Natural Health

Let’s not forget the bloggers’ experience

Best event I have been to. It was amazing to connect with the brands” – Brigette

This event was such a brilliant event for connecting with brands. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with fellow bloggers I know and meet new ones in real life as opposed to through our blogs and social media” – Ingrid

Talk about community effort!

And then we did this! Every influencer in the room, with the help from Platinum partner Ryobi, helped build this cubby house we donated to a family in need from our charity partner Dandelion.

What a day!

So whats next?

Make your next influencer marketing campaign extraordinary. Join us at the QLD and VIC events coming up. More than your average expo, we guarantee you’ll have fun and meet objectives. Winning!

Contact us and we’ll map out your influencer marketing success pathway. Ready when you are.

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