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For brands to successfully build relationships with Mums, they need to deliver a product that improves her life, her day, her journey. Brands that positively influence and inspire her will garner support.

To do this well, a brand needs to innately understand her life, her day, her journey in the first place.

And Mums are not the same.

The pressures of a new mum are different to the pressures of a mum returning to work, or raising teenagers, etc.

If you represent a brand that speaks to Mums, here’s a super simplified exercise to kick off the new year with your best foot forward.

Create avatars (personas that represent your buyers) for every ‘type’ of customer you want to appeal to.

To do this:

  1. Establish different avatars– top line the type of customers you want to appeal too
  2. Explore their traits, needs, motivations of each avatar via primary or secondary research
  3. Identify the top 4 avatars that contribute to the most amount of sales
  4. Clearly map out their profiles in a way that each team member will instantly understand


You can’t be all things to all people. Honing in on who you want to appeal to, means you can shape a narrative that genuinely appeals to your buyers, you know where to find her, how she responds to different mediums and can deliver solutions she really wants – and cares about. This exercise will increase your ROI.

Tip: Brands we do this exercise for can typically have approx. 4 avatars, even though the groups of avatars are all “Mums”, they are different. Here if you have any questions

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