New Appointments Announcement

Established PR and Marketing to Mums’ agency, Kids Business Communications announces 2 new PR appointments plus a stellar line-up of brands  exhibiting at upcoming Bloggers Brunch event

Kids Business Communications is thrilled to announce their partnership with both The Sleepy Company and Mustela®.  The agency has been appointed to deliver long term PR and Social Influencer campaigns to build awareness for the new product launches of each brand.

Kids Business will collaborate with The Sleepy Company to promote the release of two innovative inventions; the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0, a configurable baby sleeping bag that adjusts to all four seasons and the X-Tend Sleep Suit, the only sleep suit in Australia that grows with baby.  While Mustela®, the baby skin care expert for over 60 years, will work with Kids Business to launch Mustela’s new generation of hygiene and skincare products adapted to all skin types from birth onwards – the first of its kind.

As well as these appointments to the Kids Business PR portfolio, 11 brands have been confirmed to exclusively participate in the 5th May Bloggers BrunchTM, a Kids Business initiative.  Among them, FMCG brands: Curash, Lowan, Luv-A-Duck, The Smiths Snackfood Company (Sakata & Sunbites) and Slendier, as well as Australian Tax Office, Caruso’s Natural Health, Frugl, Medela, and SEBO. At this event, brands will exhibit and network with 50 influencers with a collective reach of 2M+ for a day of motivation, inspiration and brand experiences.

“By connecting with bloggers in person at the Bloggers BrunchTM we can demonstrate how easy it is to cook with duck and how to get the perfect pink and crispy skin duck breast.  It’s also an opportunity to encourage mums to think about duck as part of their cooking talk through how nutritious duck is and how to cook gourmet but simple weeknight meals,” explains Luv-A-Duck

“The Bloggers Brunch event has provided a great opportunity for The Smiths Snackfood company to engage with bloggers to showcase our delicious Sunbites and Sakatas snack ranges that provide better options for the whole family,” continues The Smiths Snackfood company

Christie Nicholas, Managing Director, Kids Business Communications shares:

“As a specialist agency executing specific pr and marketing-to-mum projects as well as the Bloggers BrunchTM, we are motivated by the fact that our commitment and knowledge of this target market appeals to a growing number of brand partners.  We look forward to delivering more value and rewarding connections for both brands and the mums they appeal to.”

Kids Business Communications continues to exclusively focus on connecting brands with mums via industry expertise, extensive connections, passion and purpose.   Kids Business has represented 170+ brands to date via pr and marketing-to-mum solutions including: Influencer events, PR & Social campaigns, Sampling and Bespoke projects.  Kids Business has been hosting the Bloggers BrunchTM for over 7 years.


Christie Nicholas is available for commentary, Q & A, contribution to articles regarding:

2017 Marketing to Mum trends, strategies to best engage with Mums, Blogger and Influencer activation.

Contact: I 03 9598 9128 I @kids_business

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