Could Siri be making kids rude?

According to top artificial intelligence authorities, including representatives from Google and IBM, experts are concerned voice assistants such as Siri, are creating a generation with no manners as children learn how to demand answers from computer software.

The concerns grow as Google announces plans to install voice assistants into all smart devices, able to activate requests such as ‘dim the lights,’ or ‘take me to the nearest petrol station,’ the article states. More

A provocative study into how housewives ‘drain the economy.’

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has labelled stay-at-home mums as the “greatest untapped potential” for Australia’s workforce.

The study indicates that we could suffer “potentially large losses to the economy” when women stay home to care for their kids or work short part time hours. The results indicate: More

New Study: Mum’s more stressed than general population

Medibank’s Better Health Index reveals a third of mums are suffering from stress, compared with just a quarter of the general population.

The study indicates those with teenagers are the most stressed, thanks to academic pressures, busy family timetables and the increased need to protect their child in the digital world. The study found: More