90 percent of teenage girls experience sexism

A landmark study of 600 girls aged 16-19 reveals young women believe sexism is rife in Australia.   These confronting insights are worrying trends that demonstrate more needs to be done to ensure teenage girls feel safer, more confident and excited about her future without facing inequality. More

Kids have the spending power

The latest Cartoon Network New Generations study reveals children aged 4-14 wielding an annual spending power of $1.8 billion.

1,000 individuals, comprising children aged 4-14 and their parents were surveyed, to gain insights into kids’ media habits and trends. The results reveal: More

This is how you market veggies to children

New Research: In Pitching Veggies to Kids, Less Is More

Parents may not be aware, but everyday a marketing battle is taking place in your home. The seller is the parent, desperately trying everything to persuade their child to eat their vegetables. New research provides valuable insight into this age-old saga. More

Social media-connected consumers reveal what makes them buy your product

A recent survey of greater than 10,000 social media-connected consumers was conducted by Social Media Link to learn more about the world of consumer recommendations. The following key findings assist with understanding the motivators/ drives behind a consumer’s recommendation and how they can best be leveraged by tailoring your influencer and advocacy marketing. More

Mothers and brand loyalty

UK research by parenting club Bounty on 20,000 mothers who were pregnant to those with children up to the age of 16 has provided some interesting insights on how the purchasing behaviour of mothers changes when household costs begin to rise. More