New Study: Mum’s more stressed than general population

Medibank’s Better Health Index reveals a third of mums are suffering from stress, compared with just a quarter of the general population.

The study indicates those with teenagers are the most stressed, thanks to academic pressures, busy family timetables and the increased need to protect their child in the digital world. The study found: More

New to the Bloggers Brunch? This is where influencer and brand relationships start

It’s hard to believe the Bloggers Brunch, founded by PR and Marketing agency Kids Business Communications, is 6 years old. After 15 huge events hosting over 100 exhibitors to date, Kids Business continues to orchestrate Australia’s largest event that is entirely focused on introducing bloggers to brands who want to form relationships with them. More

M2M the new B2B

Leading marketing to mums’ agency, Kids Business Communications will celebrate seven years strong at the upcoming Bloggers BrunchTM.

When Kids Business Communications entered the industry seven years ago it was the first dedicated PR & Marketing agency in Australia to exclusively focus on collaborating with brands keen to successfully market to mums, the evolving and very powerful consumer.  It was a bold and untried position to explore, let alone thrive in.  Blue-chip brands, with global agency representation, teams of people and set budgets veered off course to collaborate with this unknown start-up. More

90 percent of teenage girls experience sexism

A landmark study of 600 girls aged 16-19 reveals young women believe sexism is rife in Australia.   These confronting insights are worrying trends that demonstrate more needs to be done to ensure teenage girls feel safer, more confident and excited about her future without facing inequality. More

Kids have the spending power

The latest Cartoon Network New Generations study reveals children aged 4-14 wielding an annual spending power of $1.8 billion.

1,000 individuals, comprising children aged 4-14 and their parents were surveyed, to gain insights into kids’ media habits and trends. The results reveal: More

How brands are leveraging blogger content to amplify reach. Case Study: Mitsubishi Motors


“Thanks so much Kids Business! This whole campaign was super easy and professionally managed as we’ve come to expect dealing with Kids Business. This is the first time we’ve really utilised the stories as much as we could with blog stories, Plista campaign and Facebook campaign and the results are much stronger.  It’s worth noting that one of the posts has had 2,211 views on our blog and has done very well on Plista. Thanks again for facilitating this campaign for us!” Mitsubishi More