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We found the whole process EASY. We met with over fifty influencers! We’ve gotten to know them, which will help us to take that relationship with them to the next level. It’s been an amazing platform for us!

UAS Pharmaceuticals

Definitely a time-saving process for us!  Really good to meet influencers Kids Business have already vetted, instead of starting from scratch. Great opportunity to get your brand out there. We met with 60 to 70 influencers (with over 3 Million Reach) and now it’s about developing those relationships.


It was great!! We are very glad that Reading Eggs could be a part of it!

ABC Reading Eggs

The event was fantastic, a really good turnout. We secured 45 pieces of content as a result!

Bakers Delight

You have been the BEST thing for my company’s rapid growth. We generated 10x TIMES the return on investment – in SALES! To produce this much content ourselves would have cost us $100K. This has been a massive boost for us and I can think more highly of you

Happy Hair Brush

We do a lot of events and I can say I am definitely really happy with our involvement in this one.

Meeting with influencers in person is important to us because it allows us to foster 2-way conversations and properly educate who we meet

The level of engagement we had with this audience was genuine. 

I was initially unsure if there would be enough influencers we could meet with who were pet owners – our product is more niche than say, food products that appeal to a wider audience.

However, Kids Business did their due-diligence before the event to ensure we hit our targets in terms of best-fit influencers, ready to meet with us and learn more about KONG pet toys.

On the day we met and personally educated 48 influencers with over 2 Million followers between them, to help them navigate issues or behavioural concerns they have with their pets and really understand what makes KONG toys different.  Now we’re kicking off the next part of our partnership with these informed representatives – well aligned to our values and what we stand for. 

So excited to see what they share about their experience with KONG toys to their readers.


You can’t sell your product to someone without them having tried the product themselves or heard about it from someone they know or trust.

This event is perfect for us. Within hours we had 11 influencers we met with in person, promote No Added to their followers.  This was all organic content. I would love to do another event!

No Added

It’s been so valuable and extremely beneficial for our brand because influencers have already been screened. Then they get to meet us face to face to try the product. It’s WIN WIN! We get to assess if we’re a great fit for them and if they’re great for us

Byron Bay Cookie Company

Exceeded our expectations. We will be showing these results to our trade partners.


This experience was unlike anything we have done before. The energy, the engagement, the relevance that these influencers shared with Colorific was truly outstanding. Influencers were so generous with their time; they really wanted to learn all about us, our toy range and were genuinely supportive of the range of toys we have that educates, entertains and brings families together.  We were proud to be a part of their journey and inspire them with our toys. We were inundated with influencers and kids alike immersed in our experience zone and have already received amazing and authentic online exposure


It’s full on! You have 3 or four hours of intense exposure to all these influencers who are speaking to thousands and thousands of my customers. It’s important that we are here.  If you want to be relevant then you need to be here.


We weren’t expecting this much coverage! A lot of influencers said ‘we see the brand in supermarkets but we didn’t know the product benefits’. It’s a unique way to tell our brand story


We couldn’t be happier with the results – I’m just blown away! It has been hectic busy – we’ve secured over 20 influencers to collaborate with.  It’s just a beautiful start of a relationship.

Bedhead Hats

93 pieces of coverage in 4 hours! When they can see it, smell it, touch it, and hear it – their senses believe it. So if influencers can physically see our product, like they do here, at a live event, it speaks volumes. I give Kids Business 10 out of 10


Chatting to influencers in person has been unbelievable – nothing compares to one on one conversations! That’s what this event allows us to do. We have worked with quite a famous blogger and we have never actually met her face to face until today. We weren’t sure what we would get out of this. For us, it’s been an incredibly positive experience, so if you’re on the borderline “will I or won’t I”, I would say “do it!”


The (Kids Business) research was the backbone of all the decisions that we’ve made. It’s given us a new lease on life. It’s allowed us to take a mature product, in a mature industry and space and given us an opportunity to refresh and revitalize. The beauty of doing the research as extensively as we did, is it puts the decision making back into the hands of the target consumer. We feel confident that the product will be successful.


The Bloggers BrunchTM had a DIRECT impact to our sales!

Little Innoscents

Fantastic! I’ve spoken to at least a dozen women in half an hour – it’s been intense! A lady I spoke to had 390,000 on FB.  And Bridget is at 100,000 followers!

TerryWhite Chemmart

This is the best one (expo) we have worked with –  it just felt genuine. It was better return for Kids Business to organize this event and for us just to just turn up. We met at least 50 (influencers) All high-quality interactions. You’re talking to a different audience to a consumer baby show. These women are influencing more of those every day users…

Mater Health

Such a well organised event! We’ve been involved in many expos and events and it’s really refreshing to be a part of something so well done. Definitely a wonderful experience

Goodstart Early Learning

Our goal was to educate and change the way Mums view our brand…and we certainly feel like we were given the platform to accomplish that. Bloggers Brunch 2018 gave us the rare opportunity of chatting one-on-one to an engaged group of influential Mums. We were really impressed by our visitors’ willingness to learn about our product; when by admission many of them typically avoid video games at all costs!


Spinmaster had a phenomenal response from the event and were inundated with interest, over 4 hours of non-stop conversations. We were blown away with all the interactions, excitement and energy in the one room!


We are confident that we can make a program work with influencers as part of an ongoing brand awareness program thanks to the (Kids Business) trial


Thank you very much for your great work, it was a real pleasure collaborating with you on this exciting project! Hope we’ll get the chance to work again together

Portable North Pole

It’s been an amazing opportunity to meet so many different bloggers in one space at one time. I don’t think there’s ever a time you get to meet bloggers in person – it’s always over emails or over their Instagram account so it’s been fantastic! Most definitely (we would come back)


A highlight for us is meeting amazing bloggers that are passionate about the communities they work with and getting the word out there about products that they really love. We have 69 interested parties (bloggers) and have been working through each of them to materialise exposure for Bo-po. So it was certainly a success. There’s so much value to be had in meeting these bloggers and coming to this kind of events.


It’s a fantastic opportunity for Catch to meet all of these wonderful people today. Its exposed us to some fantastic future relationships hopefully, and I think that what’s important. We are actually coming back next year

Catch Group

We’ve done baby shows. We’ve done baby fairs. We’ve done dermatologist congresses. We’ve done EVERYTHING and I said: THIS is the best thing we’ve ever done.


The highlight of the day is the range of women we’re meeting.  They’re all from completely different backgrounds – it’s a very creative and a very wide range (of influencers). All these women want to talk. They want to communicate. They want to collaborate and  – they want to learn something.  I just love it.


It’s been a great day. We can’t wait for the next one! We’ve met a lot of interested people and we are looking forward to the next step. The online world is really new to us, so it’s just been great meeting mums, sharing stories and showing them our company.

It has also helped us to reaffirm our direction is the correct one with our improvements to our recipes and R&D. We look forward to continue working with Kids Business on the next chapter of the Marathon story!

Marathon Foods

It’s really good to learn about the kind of things influencers post about and how it can integrate into our appliances. I look forward to contacting them all and getting to know them on a better level and collaborating. Of course we would come back!

Black and Decker

The highlight of the event was being able to launch our new range of probiotics.  The engagement has been really good and just talking to mums about natural health has been really really exciting for us.


It was really great to come out and meet all the different bloggers and see everyone face to face and see them all interacting. I got a little validation out of it as well, seeing other companies here and seeing how valuable this event is to them.

Life like Touring

The highlight was definitely meeting all the bloggers and talking face-to-face with them to really go over the product and discuss about why it would suit their needs and their audience’s needs. It’s been invaluable.

Celebrate Health

The highlight was definitely meeting all the bloggers and talking face-to-face with them to really go over the product and discuss about why it would suit their needs and their audience’s needs. It’s been invaluable.


The best part of the day I’d have to say was painting up a storm with a whole lot of new bloggers but also meeting some bloggers that we’ve interacted with in the past and haven’t got to meet. It was a busy day – and really effective.  I am really very happy with the results.

Annie Sloan

The highlight of the day for us was getting to interact with the bloggers and actually finding out that a lot of them have already tried our sauces. So, the bloggers were able to put a face to the brand.  Just seeing their reaction when they were trying our products and telling us that they want to go and look for them on the supermarket shelves was really positive feedback.

Passage Foods

It was fantastic meeting all the bloggers in person and hearing about their businesses. And of course showing them Bizzibrains I learn app and seeing the kids really engage with it and play with it. It was a lot of fun.


We are really impressed and happy and we are sure this content created online will serve us all for long time.


Thank you so much for helping us put on such an awesome event – we really appreciate it and are excited about the next step working with all those fantastic bloggers


We were just so overwhelmed by the kindness of the bloggers and the genuine feedback we received. This is going to help us in the next 6 months of product development. Any brand that doesn’t want to get left behind – I would say jump on board and get involved in the Bloggers Brunch! Tapping into this resource is invaluable to any brand.

Smash Nude Food Movers

I’ll absolutely recommend the Bloggers Brunch to other brands because I don’t think you can beat that face to face contact. It’s just such a great way to connect.

Life n’ Easy

The people that we’ve met have been fantastic and we’ve been able to connect.


We had a wonderful time meeting all the bloggers and introducing the product to them. On top of that, the Kids Business team were extremely well organized and everything ran super smoothly. We are trying to widen the reach of consumer we can get to and bloggers is the perfect way we can do that


One blogger met had 300,000 FB followers and 18,000 Insta, it was amazing! Cobs Popcorn will recommend the Bloggers Brunch to other brands. It’s been a fantastic day to engage with bloggers and to really educate them about the fantastic range of Cobs Popcorn.

Cobs Popcorn

Thank you for this terrific report. This campaign was a great success and we have been able to leverage the content many times over.


It’s a very dynamic day!  From the very beginning, everybody has a really great energy and everybody’s very engaged. They’re women who want to be here, who want to learn, to be educated. For brands –  it’s a great thing… It’s been really beneficial in getting our name out there to this group – definitely recommend it to other brands to do this

Life Space

Bloggers here are the same demographic that shop in our stores. It’s great to connect with women who are like minded and similar to our brands demographic. The highlight of today was definitely talking to all the bloggers and getting their feedback, hearing they write about and they definitely have a lot of ideas on how we can collaborate!


By far and most, the highlight for us was being able to engage with so many bloggers in one place at the one time which, for us, is very valuable. It has really solidified our reasons for coming here today. Thanks again for being so professional with the video and report, it makes all the difference for us. I really think you’ve got a winning formula and you execute it amazingly well.


Thank you for hosting a wonderful event. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being able to communicate to bloggers face to face and give them a better understanding of our products and our brand. The photos are fantastic and we will be sure to share them on our social media platforms.

We gained some very valuable bloggers from 5 years ago who have been working well for us. Our view is to build a good relationship with them on an ongoing basis.


I just wanted to congratulate you and Life’s Little Treasures in delivering the tremendous Big Splash media launch in Melbourne last Thursday.  Of course, Peppa Pig stole the show, but hey – I guess that happens when you are dealing with a television icon and mega star

Acquatics & Recreation Victoria

Just hearing all the questions and seeing how keen bloggers are about our products was definitely the highlight for Breville, as was meeting all of the people that we follow ourselves on Instagram and Twitter.


The highlight of the day for Real Insurance was forming some relationships with some really fantastic bloggers. We’ve found some real advocates for our brand.

Real Insurance

Without question the highlight for Essenzza was the opportunity to talk one to one with all the attendees. For them to have a real experience and provide instant feedback was sensational for us. We certainly picked up a lot of things which were fantastic for us to hear and a lot of new ideas as well for next time.


The highlight of the day today was the engagement level that we had with the bloggers. By far it was the best that we’ve had in any of the blogger events that we’ve attended.


We know that mums spend so much time online and we want to be part of the conversation. The highlight for Steggles was meeting with the mum bloggers and them trying the products and turkey shortcuts during lunch, and them opening their eyes to the versatility, the health and the flavour of turkey and the availability of it during the year that it’s not just a Christmas product.


The highlight of the [Bloggers BBQ] for Cenovis would definitely be interacting with lots of mums who are really interested in their family’s health and well-being… We really look forward to working more with those mums in the future.


We launched the new jelly iceblocks recently so it’s great to get some feedback directly from the kids- them lapping up those jelly iceblocks. It was a really positive day. The highlight of the Bloggers BBQ was definitely engaging with the bloggers and interacting with them, finding out what sort of partnerships we can work with the bloggers as well as interacting with their kids.


The highlight of the Bloggers BBQ for us was meeting all these people, families, mums, watching their lovely kids get their faces painted, getting them involved with what RAMS can do, offering a solution for them to see how much time it will save due to our technologically advanced products and services. It was great to meet everybody.


The highlight of the [Bloggers BBQ] was definitely seeing everybody laughing, smiling and smiles on people’s faces with all the Nintendo games that we have. Seeing the kids huddled around the Wii U, 4 or 5 of them at a time, laughing and having fun. Watching the mums enjoy themselves as well was also a highlight for us.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the bloggers event last Friday. The event was again to the highest professional standards and I loved the new venue!

Brauer Vitashake

What a success!  Playgroup NSW members enjoyed the World’s Biggest Playgroup Day 2014 yesterday at Luna Park with approx 4000 attendees. On behalf of Playgroup NSW, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. It was the vision of the Board Members and our CEO to entertain and provide a fun day to everyone and let them know what Playgroup is all about. Without your support this would not have been possible. As we continue to grow, please know that partnering up with you in such events is vital to the success for Playgroup NSW. You are truly appreciated. Thanks again.

Playgroup NSW

We have had an absolutely awesome day, we’ve met some really amazing and really interesting people we really want to work with.


The highlight of [the Bloggers Brunch] has been meeting some fabulous mums and talking about our great product at Kmart…  it’s just been amazing to actually talk about real life home situations where our products come into their very own.  A fantastic insight to see how we can help mum provide for her family in the most on-trend fashionable way.


We found it to be a really worthwhile day. Great to meet those familiar with Naty already, and those who were not. Event was run smoothly, great communication from Kids Business, and follow up on social media. Photography and video was fantastic – really worthwhile for Naty by Nature Babycare branding within an Australian context. We’re really looking forward to planning activity for next 6 mths with some bloggers. Thanks again for making this a great event for us.


(7 months on) from the Social Mums day we are still actively in contact with the Mums we met on the day. We are currently working with a selected blogger and after her activity is up we’ll be working with another blogger. So we definitely value the voice of the blogger!


It is just fantastic to speak to the people who buy your products and listen to their voice of opinion. [The Bloggers Brunch] was a great day and it met all my expectations.


It was really exciting to listen to the mums and find out how busy their lives are, and really exciting for us because we know our product helps people that haven’t got a lot of time. So it was great, thank you!

Tasty Bite

We’ve got two great brands, Higher Living and Wellaby’s, and we find that a lot of consumers are not aware of the product. So the Bloggers Brunch just gives us the opportunity to talk directly to the consumers through the bloggers, so it’s really fantastic for us to connect directly with bloggers, and join that conversation online

Tenth Dot Brands Pty ltd

The highlight [of the Bloggers Brunch for us] was definitely meeting everyone who loved IGA. We had quite a few bloggers who came up to us and they just couldn’t speak more highly of the brand. So that was definitely a highlight to know that everybody loves IGA, which is great.


The highlight for us was being able to have a chat with blogging mums directly and to get Yummo’s brand out there and letting them know that there’s a nut free product available for their kids that have allergies. It’s just been wonderful to engage with them and be personal and actually talk to them. It’s been wonderful.


Thanks for your help with the Tim Tam event, it was great to have the bloggers come along along, and I found the process and turn around at short notice seamless. We would love to work with you again soon.


We had an absolute blast at the Bloggers Brunch and started some great conversations with the ladies and have found ourselves some wonderful ambassadors. They were all so excited by the brand and have seen them tweeting about us which is lovely. Thank you again for letting us be part of such a wonderful event and we would be very keen to do it again


Brown Sugar

Kids Business Social Mums Say was a great event to engage and connect with Mums online!   It was a great opportunity to let modern mums experience our latest products. Since the event, we’ve started to receive some fantastic reviews about our brand and products and have developed some great relationships with key influential mums! We are really pleased and are overwhelmed with the response.


The Bloggers Brunch was a great opportunity to introduce our brands to otherwise unaware bloggers. The Kids Business team was fantastic and made our first bloggers event a successful one



The Bloggers Brunch was an amazing experience for the Bevilles brand as it allowed us to engage with an online community that we haven’t engaged with before. Post the event we have formed relationships with some great bloggers who we are excited to work with and have already started to receive some fantastic reviews on our brand and products as well as identifying some amazing content opportunities in the future



Thanks so much Kids Business! This whole campaign was super easy and professionally managed as we’ve come to expect dealing with Kids Business. This is the first time we’ve really utilised the stories as much as we could with blog stories, Plista campaign and Facebook campaign and the results are much stronger.  It’s worth noting that one of the posts has had 2,211 views on our blog and has done very well on Plista. Thanks again for facilitating this campaign for us!


It was such an important marketing arsenal to have the bloggers here today. As soon as they could touch and feel what Air Protect is, and especially when we could explain it to them, it was really clear that they could see the difference between a product with Air Protect and one without…We’re all here to create a world that’s happier and safer for families, that’s why days like today are really important to our brand. I recommend brands to come.

Air Protect

We had a fabulous time at the event and enjoyed the high engagement with bloggers and other exhibitors.  I’m sure we will be up for it again soon. I definitely recommend the Bloggers BrunchTM– it’s a great way to can attract some really important influential (women) out there in the industry to speak about your brand and be able to talk to them all in one environment.

Little Innoscents

Very pleased with the response from the bloggers reactions to Bondi Chai on the day. Bondi Chai reached an audience which is vital to our brand. Mums and women in general, being the financial ministers of most household are the key to how the household funds become distributed and so in this market it is a focus. They were all very engaging, interested, excited and willing to try new things. I would certainly like to continue this pathway of promoting and marketing Bondi Chai to this audience, and would be keen to support the next event.

Bondi Chai

Any brand who wants to be successful in the market moving forward needs to get on board and join the Bloggers Brunch, otherwise they are going to be left behind. This event, this interaction, the feel, and momentum this event creates is completely electric and something that every brand needs to experience if they want to move forward in the marketplace.

This is our third year at the Bloggers Brunch event and for us it is an annual event. We would not miss it – it’s part of our calendar. There’s really no other opportunity out there quite like it.


Most definitely recommend the Bloggers Brunch, it’s actually my third time now. We’ve had great engagement with the bloggers, it’s good to have ordinary people reviewing the products as opposed to the brand that’s normally pushing the messaging out. We’ve got great engagement, even though [Vividwireless] is not as sexy as the other products, it’s internet that everyone can use at home


Yes I would recommend this event if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to reach a bunch of bloggers and make connections with people – it’s a great way to do that

Starting Blocks

We are very happy with our involvement with the Bloggers Brunch. Thanks so much for the comprehensive report, it is really interesting.

We’ve really enjoyed it – we think it’s actually an important place to let mums know what we’re doing in the market place and how to keep their kids safe. It’s really nice to form that connection and make sure people know what’s out there and how we can work with them.

Cancer Council

A highlight is the people and definitely just seeing how enthusiastic they have been about all the products and sharing their stories of using the product – that’s been really good to hear.


Everybody got to try some Luv A Duck products which was a real highlight and the feedback was excellent! I would recommend (the event) and I’m looking forward to the next one.


We have had a fantastic day! The highlight of our day was meeting some wonderful ladies and getting their experiences on using our products. It’s always great to know that we have a good product but hearing it from other people is always a good reward. Everything (here) seems to happen in real time. You don’t have to wait for results. I would definitely recommend the Bloggers Brunch.


I really loved talking to the bloggers directly; answering their questions, getting their feedback on the spot and really getting a chance to interact. It was a great event to be part of


I would recommend the Bloggers Brunch! I really like it. It’s the first time for us but we’ll definitely be back!


The highlight of the Bloggers Brunch is meeting all these wonderful people. I’ve never seen so many women in one place at one time! The best part is that they really enjoy what they’re doing and they’re willing to share what they see here today. It’s a great way of getting the message out to your customers and (bloggers) can reach a lot of your customers. Highly recommend it.

Caruso’s Natural Health

This is our first time being in the event and it’s just been an eye-opening experience. It’s a great way to really see where your brand can take off! Most definitely recommend it. We’ve had an amazing day. It’s about meeting all the different bloggers, where they come from, they’re so different. To be face to face with them, get a bit of an understanding about us as well as us understanding what they are about too.


You get a lot out of the Bloggers Brunch and you get so much from the bloggers in terms of what they’re looking for their readers, what they want to hear, potential content pieces, and how you can collaborate with them – it’s definitely beneficial.



Thank you very much for all the hard work Kids Business did for us to get itchy baby co. out there on social media. I really feel as if it has made a difference to our brand awareness and SEO.  The team was wonderful with constant communication and updates, which made a huge difference as it was one less thing I needed to be on top of.  As for the reviews I found them really authentic. We are very happy with your service and the outcomes and we will hopefully be able to work together again soon.

Aussie mums are really important to Coles.  So what we are trying to do is really connect with them, to build that relationship with them and really to provide that information that they need from us in a way that is convenient for then, and that is why ‘online’ is so important.


Avon connected with new customers in a way that would have never been possible before. To get people to touch, feel and smell your product is direct marketing at its best!


We found the Bloggers Brunch to be extremely beneficial. To be given the opportunity to meet the leading influencers in this segment was very valuable. We made great contacts and having the opportunity to chat face to face has allowed us to significantly speed up the process of selecting the best partners for our brand.


The Bloggers Brunch was Kambrook’s first bloggers event, and we can’t recommend it enough. The exposure and attention we received from blogging mums was over and above what we expected on the day. Mums were enthusiastic to interact with our products, asked lots of questions and shared with us their online plans. We loved their excitement and are looking forward to working with them in the future. The mums were very online savvy, twittering everything they saw and learned as it happened. We thank Kids Business for providing a venue to meet blogging mums, and we look forward to working with them again.


Modern mums are more confident and more connected than ever before. Experienced mums and other influencers are great targets for marketers because other mums will actively seek their advice. The most important sources for learning about products boil down to parenting websites and word-of-mouth from other mums.

Cottee’s Australia

It is important for Ella’s Kitchen to connect with mums online because we know mums are online looking for advice and support on what to feed their babies.

Ella’s Kitchen

It is important for Fressure Foods to connect with mums online because mums trust other mums.

Fressure Foods

It was fantastic to be a part of Bloggers Brunch.  AuntyRozzy has connected with lots of great people because of it.

Aunty Rozzy

The Bloggers Brunch will drive more traffic into stores because, after meeting with the bloggers, they clearly demonstrated they have a passion for dispensing knowledge to others that can only help drive sales.

Zimbler International

As a result of being involved in the Blogger BBQ event, over 100 online influencers and key commentators in the parent and mummy blogger landscape were able to experience our product, first hand. In fact throughout the day 50 bloggers and their families walked through a Britz campervan, stationed on site. As a brand we were also able to connect and interact with bloggers pre-event, inviting guests to enter a competition to win a six night and seven day holiday adventure, on Britz. We had an overwhelming response with 23% participating  pre-event. The Blogger BBQ was the ideal way for us to share our offering, share our product, and encourage the notion of holiday sharing in the online space.


Hotmail being an online brand, we rarely get the opportunity for face-to-face time with some of our most influential consumers. This event allowed us to demonstrate our products to over 40 mums, many of whom are among the most influential bloggers in Australia. We showed them the Hotmail and Skydrive features that we hope will make their blogging lives easier, and in return, they showed us the power of their influence through several tweets and retweets. We’re confident that a longer term relationship will be formed.


“A great year! The work you have fostered with our influencers has helped spread positivity with mum consumers through our social channels. We couldn’t have done the Freestyle Flex launch event without your help and so grateful for your expertise”.


“The Bloggers BBQ gave us the ability to provide influential bloggers the Crayola brand experience one-on-one. We were able to engage, educate and give all blogger attendees the opportunity to directly experience the quality of our products. To be able to actually show, touch and demonstrate just added a real dynamic to the day and definitely left bloggers with a sense of enthusiasm…we are really pleased with that.”


“This event presented a fantastic opportunity to meet with the key bloggers in this sphere. Of the bloggers represented, 48% indicated intent to trial Lenard’s ready-to-cook chicken meals as a direct result of the event with 77% of these further indicating that they intend to include Lenard’s-related content in their blog”


“ProtectABed is very pleased to launch our new Baby Range at the Bloggers Brunch. It has enabled us to connect with key and influential consumers and has expanded our social media network. It’s a great initiative for marketers wanting to connect with the new world of social media via Mums.”

Protect a Bed

“Logitech were well-briefed before the event, and found Kids Business to be enthusiastic and collaborative in their approach to brands. The schedule for the day allowed brands plenty of time to speak to bloggers, to demonstrate product, and for bloggers to find out more about the brands in a comfortable environment. The impact of our products was very well received & we had a great time sharing our stories.”


“It was a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce the Mix brand at the Bloggers Brunch.  We have started some great relationships with some of the bloggers who attended which was our key objective – job well done!“

Mix Fashion

“Ecostore were very impressed with the level preparation and detail that Kids Business took the time to go through with us prior to brunch..they were committed to us having a positive and rewarding experience. The event was vibrant, informal, focused on connecting with these influential women through personal conversation and shared experiences. Definitely worthwhile investment we would definitely consider again.”

Eco Store

“The response from bloggers was just amazing!!!  We were amazed how within 4 hours; we were able to meet and engage with so many delightful bloggers, introduce our product range and demonstrate how our number one selling product, The Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper Facial Wand works – we actually created over 50 Wow BrowsTM.   Within 24 hours of the event, we experienced a 100% spike in our Twitter conversations and followers.  Overall, the event was a huge success for Nad’s.”


“The highlight of the event for Target was hosting style workshops, which gave attendees the chance to see this season’s hottest trends and learn how to apply them to their own style, body shape and needs.  We were very excited to receive some immediate positive feedback from attendees through Twitter commenting on the favourite tips and hints that they took away from the workshops. Not only did  the attendees get a chance to view our new season ranges at the event but 100 bloggers were given some samples of the newest Target products and also a gift card to spend in store to recreate some of their favourite looks from the day for their blogs.”


“For McCormick, the key highlight was having valuable face to face contact with such a wonderful group of women and their families. These parenting bloggers who are highly representative of our target market and with a collective reach of over 100,000 followers, provided us with some really insightful feedback on our brands and products and at the same time were so much fun to network with!”


“Being able to connect directly with mothers, answer questions and talk about benefits of playing with our blocks is essential for Mega Bloks. Mothers are key influencers in the purchasing decision for preschool toys and the Bloggers Brunch allows us a unique opportunity to connect directly with the most influential bloggers in the country.“

Mega Bloks

“The Blogger’s Brunch was a fantastic experience. Kids Business was with us every step of the way, offering advice and tips while providing useful pre- and post-event information and data, setting it apart from other events and expos. The event gave the company exposure to influential online mums who provided us with excellent networking opportunities and increased our website and social media traffic.”

Little Emperor

“For Bakers Delight the Bloggers Brunch was a fantastic initiative to be involved in from start to finish. The Kids Business team were extremely helpful in exploring opportunities to maximise the day and get as much connection with mums as possible. The calibre of attendees were extremely high and we have been able to initiative, strength and foster relationship with mums as a result of the day”

Bakers Delight

“Kids Business has its finger on the pulse of the blogging community & convenes a group of forward-thinking, trend-setting women leading the way for mums in Australia.”

Campbell Arnott’s

“The Bloggers Brunch is a genuine and credible introduction to the influential world of mummy bloggers.”


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