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Leverage relationships with Influencers and gain access to 1 Million Mums - 2020 Filling Fast


The Bloggers Brunch, our signature influencer marketing event is 9 years strong!  Not your average expo. This is an interactive social media event for brands to educate & engage personally with 50 of Australia’s most elite bloggers and highly active social influences with over 1 million connections between them.  Scroll down to see an event in action.

At this event we ensure brands build brand awareness and drive sales with:

  • Top Quality Influencer Referrals
  • Pre-Qualified Meetings and Interest, Secured in Advance from Influencers Ready To Go
  • Pre-Organised 1-on-1 Time with High Influence and High Profile Promotional Partners
  • Fast Results! Live Social Coverage at the Event and Beyond
  • Pre-Event Training and Support To Brands To Maximise and Leverage Success
  • Greater reach than morning TV!


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Can your brand handle 92 pieces of coverage in 4 hours?

90% of brands rebook! The fastest way to activate a long term WOM, online and offline campaign with guaranteed brand exposure, via an esteemed, targeted and connected audience.

“We’ve done baby shows. We’ve done baby fairs. We’ve done congresses. We’ve done EVERYTHING and I said: THIS is the best thing we’ve ever done” – Mustela

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You might also be interested in the Bloggers BBQ. The Bloggers BBQ is a festive, fun, entertaining family day for parenting and lifestyle bloggers & family to “experience” selected brands live on site.  The family day experience!

Businesses, contact us for a calendar of events and about exhibiting at our next Bloggers Brunch.

Bloggers, we look forward to seeing you at the next event.  Please fill in this form to join our database.

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