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About the event:

When: Friday 9th November

Where: NSW

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Brands That Participated

Spotlight is Australia’s largest destination for crafting, fabrics and home decorating products. We have a vision to give our customers the best quality, best service and best price. At the Bloggers Brunch Spotlight will be hosting easy craft demos for bloggers to participate in and showcase the Christmas product available in store.

For decades, Rust-Oleum has been changing the way you look at everyday objects. From wicker chairs to bathroom tubs there’s nothing you can’t paint with a can of Rust-Oleum. Rust-Oleum Australia pride themselves on providing it’s consumers with the highest quality paint so you get the best results everytime. At the Bloggers Brunch, Rust-Oleum will show you how to turn your trash into treasure with how-to demos, and give you a world of ideas designed to fire your imagination and creativity. Also showcasing the wide range of products which will help transform practically every surface in your home.

Brown Sugar has stood the test of time making its mark in Australia since 1975. It’s a label for the self-assured woman who knows exactly what she wants; a woman after quality and a timeless style with a contemporary edge. Meet Brown Sugar at the Bloggers Brunch and ‘try us on for size’. Each attendee is invited to enjoy a one-on-one Brown Sugar styling consultation to find a look that’s right for you. Find out how you can win your favourite outfit, plus, there’s opportunity to become a Brown Sugar ambassador.

Bevilles is the destination for great value gifts to suit all occasions.  With a great range of jewellery and giftware you can find the perfect gift at the perfect price.  At the Bloggers Brunch, learn about our personalised jewellery range, improved diamond offering and enjoy onsite jewellery cleaning. Bevilles looks forward to starting long-term blogger/brand relationships.

The smarter choice for cooking home appliances.  For more than 45 years, Kambrook has been synonymous with affordable, quality appliances that incorporate far more features than you would expect of the piece.  That is the Kambrook Guarantee. At their 2nd Bloggers Brunch, Kambrook will be conducting some live cooking lessons showing the range in action to inspire the home chef in all of us. Generous competitions taking place during event.

Dyson is about making things work better. The vacuum cleaner is a good example. The technology hadn’t changed for over a century and they didn’t work properly. They clogged and lost suction. James Dyson had an idea. 5,127 prototypes later the world’s first vacuum cleaner that didn’t lose suction was a reality.  At this Bloggers Brunch, you’ll see why you don’t need to pull out your full sized vacuum cleaner for every small mess made in the home.
Dyson Digital Slim has been designed for quick, powerful, in-between cleans. It’s clever design uses the Archimedes principal for ease of use: up top, down below and in tight to reach places.

Philadelphia provides the ultimate in creaminess, be it a delicious wrap with Philly Spreadable Cream Cheese, a divine cheesecake made with Philly Block, or a creamy carbonara with Philly Cream For Cooking.  The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination.  Save your appetite this Bloggers Brunch to feast on Chicken with creamy tomato & Italian herb pasta (made with Philly Cream for Pasta), Chicken Thai green curry (made with Philly Cream for Curry), Vanilla cupcakes with Philly frosting, and carrot and walnut cake with Philly frosting.  Just for good measure, try the Mini-Florentine Cups made with PHILADELPHIA Extra Light Cream For Cooking.

The hair removal experts at Nad’s continue to develop a wide range of innovative hair removal products to the specific needs of men and women.  On its 20th anniversary Nad’s launched the Nose Wax; the complete beauty product for your nose, inside and out.  Nad’s will show their complete range of hair removal products, with a special emphasis on the Nad’s Nose Wax. Bloggers can try the Nad’s range of hair removal products.  A beauty therapist will be available to demonstrate the Nad’s Nose Wax as well.. Generous competitions taking place during event.

If you are after a more permanent hair removal solution, the experts at Nad’s Laser Clinic understands what it takes to achieve smooth skin and have over 20 years experience.  At Nad’s Laser Clinic, men and women with all skin types can experience the benefits of laser hair removal via its state of the art, medical grade Lasers.  Meet with the team and pick up your VIP discount card.

The weather is warming up and so are cases of headlice throughout our school.  Nitwits would like to introduce the new Absolute Headlice Solution, a product that will kill head-lice and their eggs in one go and provide plenty of giveaways.

Puraskin is the perfect everyday facial cleanser. The one stop revolutionary treatment is specially designed to prevent clogging, reduce redness and clear blemishes or pimples. Puraskin purifies and clarifies the skin by dissolving dead skin cells and contains skin supporting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Balm Mint, Menthol, and Australian Sandalwood Oil.  Onsite beauty therapist available.

Charity Supporting – Stars With Heart

Stars with Heart aim is to provide financial support to all cancer patients to make it possible for them to be able to afford their best treatment options and to lessen the impact of a cancer diagnosis on their family and loved ones. Stars with Heart’s first initiative to reduce financial stress is to make it possible for all cancer patients to be able to access a financial counsellor to ensure that no matter what their present financial situation is that it is made as manageable as possible and no areas of financial assistance have been or are over looked. With the support of the bloggers attending, the Bloggers Brunch will raise funds to support families affected by cancer.



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