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Would you like to know what successful brands will do in 2020 to access and build relationships with more Mums? Discover 5 ways to boost your impact and get more ROI from 2020…








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1. Successful brand are trying new initiatives, or approaching the usual initiatives in different ways. This year, it’s about challenging the status quo. 

Lesson for marketers: Review every marketing initiative you used to do, or plan to and ask yourself (or us) “How can we improve?”. Sometimes it’s not what you’re doing that’s hindering success – it could be how you are doing it.

2. Successful brands are implementing measures to amplify brand advocacy. Customers today demand to be wowed. 

Lesson for marketers: Be the brand that “Wow’s” them – this is a strategy, not an accident.

3. Successful brands are so excited about what value they will deliver to improve Mums’ lives – it’s palpable, and it starts from the top.

Lesson for marketers: If you – and the whole team- are not pumped about what you have in store…..why should she be?

4. Successful brands are shaping a thought-out, multi-platform campaign – there’s no quick fix. Success will come from laser targeting, via a collective effort of amazing initiatives (some big/some small), done well. 

Lesson for marketers: Given mums are influenced 50% by online touchpoints and 50% by offline touchpoint, start by shaping a campaign with a balanced mix of online and offline marketing initiatives and then merge them together for impactful results.

5. Successful brands are boosting their learning. Elite performers know you can’t make decision based on assumptions.

Lesson for marketers: Get to know your customer today – she changes every year. Find out what she needs, or ask the experts. Only then you can deliver the goods.


As the saying goes “If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

Make 2020 your year. And if you need anything, we are here to help power your brand forward. Be sure to say hello

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