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You might have been. You might have heard. And if one thing is for sure – you’re not going to want to miss out.

The Bloggers Brunch – almost 10 years young – is the only event on an influencer’s calendar designed to introduce influencers to a stable of the hottest brands and key contacts who really want to start relationships with you. Even better is that this event is in an inspiring, motivating and truly fabulous festive environment.

Our goal is to make sure you, our tribe of influencers, walk away BUZZING from feel-good vibes and heaps of opportunities for you and your community. We are also super proud to continuously join forces with a charity supporting others less fortunate to share some love and spread their message too.

The Bloggers Brunch is the perfect day out to network, connect and develop relationships with brands – that can last years.  But don’t just take our word for it. In this article, a few of our fabulous guests share how the Bloggers Brunch event has benefited them.

Watch what influencers said about their experience 

5 top tips to make your Bloggers Brunch experience rock! 

  1. Keep an open mind,! You’ll be surprised how many collabs start from chatting to brands you don’t initially think are a natural fit.
  2. Just have fun! Network, eat, laugh & play.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone! If it doesn’t scare you, it won’t change you.
  4. Chat and network with both brands and influencers. Open your mind to invite more opportunities into your life.
  5. Do your own research about the brands beforehand and bring ideas with you to present. A bit of initiative can work magic.
  6. Give everyone a fair opportunity and pitch your ideas.

See some more hot tips below! 

Vanessa | Child Blogger
Keira | Raising2littlemen
Kate | KateNissen_
Alice | Alice in Healthy Wonderland


  1. What was the overall highlight of your Bloggers Brunch™ Experience?

Alice:Connecting with brands I aligned with. Also seeing some familiar faces of other influencers and get to meet them in person!”

Kate:The conversations you don’t get to have in an everyday environment. Face to face conversations with brands you’ve never heard of/spoken with that you usually only connect with on social media!”

  1. How would you describe the Bloggers Brunch™ for someone who hasn’t attended in the past?

Kate: It’s kind of like speed dating but you don’t leave feeling let down & like you’ve wasted your time!

Alice: It brings a sense of community together for both business owners and influencers. It’s great because you are able to connect with an influencer or a brand that align with.

Keira: It’s an event where you get to meet other amazing influencers like yourself, enjoy a fun day out. You get to explore a range of fantastic brands and discuss how you could create content for them on your social channels!

  1. Of the brands you’ve met with at the Bloggers Brunch, which ones stood out for you most, and why? Would you have noticed them if you did not meet them in person?

Alice: I loved the Happy Hairbrush, her passion stood out and I love Chicco Baby Australia. The reps were so helpful! I truly wouldn’t have known about them if it wasn’t for the Bloggers Brunch. Now I am collaborating with both. It’s a great relationship!

Keira: I absolutely loved exploring the Chicco products and Protect-a-Bed. I had heard of these brands before but meeting with them and chatting about their products in person gave me a better insight into how their products would fit into my life as a mum.

Vanessa: The event provides you with the ability to interact, develop and grow a long-term partnership with many diversified brands. It’s a good opportunity to meet the humans behind the brand and decided if their values and messages provided authenticity to your blog. Before meeting Mater at the Bloggers Brunch last July, I had heard of Mater but never used them or realised the enormous scope of their brand. The Bloggers Brunch provided the perfect foundation to understand more about them, a lot more you can gather on a TVC commercial or through their ‘about me’ page.

  1. What do you think is the benefit of meeting with the brands face to face in an environment like the Bloggers Brunch™?

Kate: You get to know the people behind the brand, putting in the hard yards as well as learning about new products and their functionality. 

Vanessa: “You are in control – You can meet and get to know the brands face-to-face and see who you want to work with. I really do think live interaction brings another level of connection between you and the brand. This type of engagement is imperative in developing a relationship based on honesty and transparency. It really is a lot more authentic than an email or a phone call. You can truly get a sense and feel (literally) for the brand and decide whether or not they align with what you advocate for and what you write about. It’s a good opportunity to decide if they are a good match or not, obligation-free.”

  1. Can you see yourself working with any of the brands now you’ve met with them face to face?

Alice: 3 months on from the Bloggers Brunch in May and I have already worked with three of them!

Keira: Yes, definitely and I have already started working with two of the brands

Vanessa: Absolutely! I met with Mater last year, we have collaborated together a number of times since then and it’s evolved into a natural partnership.

  1. How likely would you be to recommend the Bloggers Brunch™ to other bloggers and influencers? –  Why would you recommend it to them?

Alice: I would recommend it as I have ended up collaborating with some great brands/small biz I would have not had the opportunity to know about otherwise.

Kate: Very happy to recommend. I honestly can’t fault it. The chats at the beginning are informative but not too long, the setup is spaced out well. Honestly, it’s a great event!

Keira: I would highly recommend it to other bloggers/influencers. It is a great day out and I have made some wonderful partnerships since the event

  1. What was one thing the most surprised you about the Bloggers Brunch™?

Alice: That it wasn’t just about work, it was a lot of fun too! Loved the entertainment.

Keira: I was surprised how so many of the brands were excited and open to working with me

  1. How does the Bloggers Brunch™ benefit you as an influencer?

Alice: It helps us build relationships, gives us the confidence to have conversations and sets us up for future collaborations or work.

Keira: I think as I mentioned earlier having that ability to meet brands face to face is very important and it has given me the opportunity to gain more work for my blog.

Vanessa: The face-to-face meeting is invaluable and really is the key to building and nurturing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.”

Kate: The opportunity to have that direct link to the Brands Marketing team, form long term relationships with that brand and their team, striving to promote products that I truly believe in!


If you are keen on brunching with next time, be sure to & let us know!!


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