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Are you exhibiting at a consumer show this year? Then you know how arduous this is.

As fruitful as it is to meet customers, there is significant time, cost, energy involved with participating. Not to mention the lost time out of the office.

If you’re going to the great effort of participating in consumer shows – then this is the year to leverage your investment and maximise the returns.

Here are 6 strategies to amplify your involvement, shaped from the work we do for our clients.

Strategy 1: Conduct on-site Market Research;
What are 3 things you want to know about your customer?

Strategy 2: Capture testimonials;
Ask Mums how she feels about the brand now that she met the team and learnt more

Strategy 3: Film highlights and interviews with customers;
This is awesome content for your future social calendar

Strategy 4: Host a pre-show influencer event;
Inspire and educate the right advocates who talk to your customers directly

Strategy 5: Recruit influencers pre-event to drive hype;
Extra publicity and brand awareness builds momentum.

Strategy 6: Incentivise customers to instantly post on her personal social network;
Nothing is more powerful than emotive endorsements from real Mums.

Think about how much time/$ you are saving by tacking these strategies onto an existing activation and the boost it will give to sales.

Hint: Looking to outsource this year? If you have a trusted, knowledgeable agency who can manage this for you the way we do for our clients, these are the perfect projects to outsource. Work smarter not harder.

If you would like to chat further about these 6 strategies, get in touch today. 

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