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We have been working on some pretty exciting stuff behind the scenes and we can no longer keep it under wraps. We need to spill the beans.

Drum roll please…


We have had a makeover! For 10 years, we were known as as Kids Business Communications, but now, you can call us Mumpower.

The time has come for us to start the next decade with a name that truly reflects our ethos and the role we play to empower Mums.

Our new identity is: Mumpower 

As Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to Mums, we exist to lead Mum centric brands to next level brilliance. We build and leverage relationships between your brand and your customers via Market ResearchCampaign Activation and Accelerator sessions. As your growth partners, we will empower consumers to make informed buying decisions and ultimately drive Mum-to-Mum Advocacy; the catalyst to your success.

Why the name change? 

When we started, we had humble plans to simply service the toy industry, but within 12 months the portfolio of clients choosing to work with us expanded quite quickly to welcome brands such as Coles, Kmart, Garnier, Arnott’s, Dyson and more. So our name never properly reflected our role in representing brands that sold products to Mums; who are largely in charge of all household discretionary spend. Until now.

So, how will this change positively impact your growth? 

We’ve consolidated the best, the proven, the systemised solutions that we know will impact your sales. Having practised for the past decade and partnered with 300+ brands, these solutions are evidence based. And now we’ve made it super easy for you to pick and choose what you need to grow. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
Head on over to our new website to check it out. That’s where you’ll find us from now on!
Instagram: mumpower_au

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