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You may have seen in the last post a brief mention about ‘micro-influencers’ and that is because they are kind of a big deal. The conversation surrounding micro influencers has been a hot topic lately, and we are going to share some brief insights as to why.

In a nationwide study conducted by Experticity, it was concluded that 82% of consumers are more likely to follow the recommendation of micro-influencers compared to73% who would act on the recommendation from higher profile influencer.

Similarly, in a Global Micro-Influencer study conducted by SocialPubli, found that micro-influencers have a staggering, seven times higher engagement rate on Instagram then influencers with larger audiences.

Micro-influencers have the ability to inspire their followers on a more intimate level because their audience has a more personable relationship with them. Readers feel they somehow ‘know’ the influencer on a more relatable level to that of a celebrity influencer. There is a likability factor- they are able to see themselves being friends with this kind of identity and ultimately trust what she has to say because it is likely this influencer is sharing a similar journey to her.

These ingredients spark attention and engagement as the influencer is in a position to help her readers make more informed decisions around your product.

What opportunity does this reveal for your brand?

Authentic micro-influencers with aligned values are efficient and trusted voices to amplify brand awareness and key messages to reach a specific, engaged target market at lower costs.

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