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The Korn Group have released new research uncovering Aussie Mums naughty food habits in the home.

Mums, who are normally role models for healthy eating to young children have been using their secret snacking as a small act of rebellion.

Sneaky habits include waiting until children go to bed or leave the house to indulge, in efforts to maintain the message that treats are only a ‘sometimes food’.

The research also revealed:

  • Eating out has become a norm, and household food is increasingly becoming wasted as people spend more time outside of the house.
  • People don’t understand what correct portion sizes are.
  • A sugar tax will most likely be accepted by the community if it is spent subsidising healthy food.
  • People consider the CSIRO to be the most trusted source of advice on diet in the country.

Source details: Read original article from The Daily Telegraph here 

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