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Kids Business supports brands keen to Launch, Grow and Explode into the market with a custom program and proven system shaped around your goals.

Contact us to map out a growth strategy that drive sales.

Here are 3 popular programs:



  • Launching a new product or in need of a massive publicity fix fast?
  • Gain access to 1 Million Mums via this proven and popular program.
  • Secure guaranteed publicity and amplified word of mouth via high profile and connected advocates and established promotional partners!
  • Save time and maximise promotional opportunities with this super-charged and accelerated 4 month promotional program, that leverages -and merges- the best of online and offline marketing-to-mum practices.

To Launch with Impact, Contact.


  • Proactively grow your brand presence, establish obvious long term momentum and increase your sales.
  • Market your brand to over 2 Million Mums.
  • Guaranteed to deliver both market intel that opens sales opportunities PLUS outstanding, consistent publicity with a prestigious pool of influencers and promotional partners.
  • Gain more opportunities by working with the experts who already know how to navigate the landscape, to nurture your profile and maximise your benefits.

To Be Seen. Be heard. Be bought, Contact.


  • Is your brand sales-ready for this intense level of momentum and market noise?
  • Triple your impact with access to 3 Million Mums.
  • Elevate your status and become the brand of choice with this amplified calendar delivering guaranteed publicity across quality and high influence media, promotional partners and influencers.
  • Plus, for significantly boosted sales results, benefit from extreme insight into what it will take for Mums to buy your products.

To sit back while magic happens and your brand secures celebrity status, Contact.

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