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Knowledge is Profit. Make marketing decisions based on facts and drive your growth.

Are you developing your current business and marketing strategy based on assumptions?

Kids Business Communications works with brands, including market leading brands, to deliver tailored Market Research Projects.  Discover everything you need to know about your customer, the market landscape and what you need to do to generate sales.

Benefit from Qualitative and Quantitative research solutions that reveal:

  • Consumer and market analysis – who’s really buying your products
  • Buyer behavior analysis – why they are buying, or not buying your product
  • Competitive landscape evaluation, based on customer perceptions
  • Target market opportunities
  • Testing advertising messages, material, positioning effectiveness
  • NPD range review

Why Kids Business?

  • Tap into our existing database of your exact target market keen to provide feedback
  • Australia’s only Market Research service provider to combine research strategies with extensive industry intel
  • Bonus: Market research campaign leveraged to boost your subscriber base and activate reviews.

Discover why Mums will or won’t buy your product and shape the success of your future marketing strategy.

“This market research was fundamental – It was the backbone of all the decisions that we’ve made” Heinz Baby Basics

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