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Living in an online world can have its perks for business. According to a report from social media management tool Hootsuite, you can turn those online likes, shares comments and hashtags into customers by simply, increasing your engagement with Instagram users.

Facts from this report show:

  • Businesses that are active on social media are perceived 20% more positively compared to a business that doesn’t have any social media presence at all.
  • Less than 50% of hospitality and tourism brands in Australia are actively using social media and from that, only 55% are engaging with their online audience.
  • Micro influencers (1000-10,000 followers) can drive approximately 87% of the volume of posts online for Australian bars, hotels and restaurants, those with larger audiences drive only around 61%.

What opportunity do these online habits reveal for your brand:

  • There is a growing opportunity for business both, small and large to engage with online users to turn followers into customers
  • Brands need to work hard to ensure they are choosing the right influencer that is well aligned for your brand.


Source: Business can grow their audience tenfold by interacting with customers on Instagram: Report, Dominic Powell.


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