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The Mum Who Roared is your starting point to having a greater love and respect for your mind, body and attitude. It’s a friendly, real and practical guide to adjusting to your role as a mother, while still holding onto your identity and everything that once made you you. It is not a parenting guide. Instead, this motivating resource provides simple and effective tips so that you can genuinely enjoy this next chapter in your life, feel in control, and stay in touch with your core needs and values.

Whether you are a new mum or simply a mum looking for some inspiration, The Mum Who Roared provides ideas that can be implemented into real lifestyles immediately and that are relevant for life, not just the early days of motherhood — ideas that will make life easier and make you feel more motivated, passionate, fulfilled and balanced.

The Mum Who Roared recognises that you are a woman, not just a mum. So by following some of the suggestions, reading other real-life accounts and survival tips, and using the practical pull-out goal cards, you can continue your journey as a happy, healthy, balanced woman, who is also a mum … A mum who roared!

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