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Power Retailer explains ‘responsible use of data, efficient service and the occasional freebie are the best ways for retailers and brands to keep customers on the sweet side’, as revealed in the latest SAP Hybris Consumer Insight survey. The survey also reveals

  • 45% of Australians expect a response to customer queries within three hours.
  • 92% expect their question to be answered within 24 hours.
  • 72% of Australians won’t use a brand again if customer service is unresponsive.

SAP Hybris Australia and New Zealand head of business, Stuart O’Neill, says ‘local brands must get on the front foot to stay competitive, especially with international brands being known for their speedy service and market heavy weight Amazon arriving in Australia soon.’

He also said “A customer’s time is precious and our research shows they have a low tolerance for brands that waste it.”

The study also shows that Australians value their personal data and it should only be used to improve their level of service.

  • 61% of Australians said surprise discounts and freebies when asked about valuable personalised experiences.
  • 47% said they valued relevant content.
  • 78% of Australians would not use a brand again if their personal data was used without their knowledge.
  • 68% look elsewhere after receiving unnecessary spam.

The top 3 brand behaviours that bother consumers

  1. Too many direct marketing and sales calls (60%)
  2. Too many marketing and sales emails (56%)
  3. Pushing irrelevant content (49%)

The best way to keep consumers ‘on side is’ to acknowledge their needs and be as responsive and proactive in addressing them as possible. Mutual respect when it comes to personal data use is extremely important in the digital age, and by offering customers additional value in return for their information, a more positive response can be achieved.

Source Details: How Retailers and Brands Upset Aussie Consumers, Power Retail

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