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Need some inspo to rev you up for a strong week?

Here’s 3 gems of wisdom from other successful leaders in their field who also market and sell to Mums.

It’s sound advice that will either spur on a new goal, validate your existing strategy or make you re-think your next move…


Tip 1: “The retailers are running out of shelf space, so we have to be very creative, very innovative. There’s probably at least 40 or 50 ideas [in the business right now] but I always say: look at what are the top three or four (ideas) that we need to focus on to fill the gap in the category” Founder: Sue Ismiel

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Tip 2: “If anyone is thinking of starting their own business, and they are on a mission to add value to humanity, not just to make money… then we say, go for it! The world needs your contribution!” CEO: Jen Harwood

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Tip 3: “Our current customer is a Millennial as opposed to Generation X Mum.  The current look & feel didn’t appeal to her – It was time for us to reinvent it. (To do this) Market research was fundamental, it was the backbone of all the decisions that we’ve made. It’s allowed us to take a mature product, in a mature industry and given us an opportunity to refresh and revitalize.”Brand Manager

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Lessons for Marketers?

  1. Continuously add new ideas and products to the pipeline – and nurture the ones that can make the biggest impact on your success.
  2. Put your focus towards adding value to the customer – making money is not your ‘why’.
  3. Stay 100% customer-centric. Know what your customer wants, responds to and cares about to make decisions with certainty they are going to impact your sales.

Have a great week!

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