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Kids Business Communications is Australia’s leading agency entirely focussed on connecting brands with mums via PR and Marketing to Mum initiatives.

Kids Business provides brands with access to a specialist skill set required to connect, educate and impress this generation of influential mums in charge of $132 billion of household spending.  Our services include:  PR and Social Representation, Bespoke Brand Projects, Sampling and Review Campaigns as well as the popular super-sized influencer events known as the Bloggers BrunchTM, Bloggers BBQ and Social Mums.

The PR and Marketing to Mum authority since 2009, Kids Business has collaborated with 180+ brands across all product and service categories. From Food to Fashion, Health to Home, Beauty to Baby & everything in between.

Why brands choose us?

  • Unrivalled Connections: We introduce brands to the largest tribe of influencers, mums & media contacts
  • Outstanding Experience: Insight & experience across so many brands means we amplify your results. Collectively the Kids Business Team have over 20yrs experience in this industry!
  • Innovative Solutions: We secure the best opportunities for brands or create them ourselves

In the workplace Kids Business is committed to fostering a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture, passionate about exceptional customer service, long term client relationships and providing brands with measurable and exciting ways to engage with this evolving demographic.

Ask us how we can introduce you to the most influential mums of Australia. That’s what we do.

Our Values 

1. Be extraordinary with everything we do and everyone we deal with

2. Nurture outstanding relationships

3. Make it happen

4. Lead product innovation and set the highest standards

5. Find the positive, bring the passion and share the excitement

6. Understand, invest in, share knowledge

7. Apply radical candor from the heart

The Founder

Christie Nicholas is a Marketing to Mum expert, Founder and Managing Director of Kids Business Communications. With over 15 years’ industry experience marketing to mums, Nicholas had a vision to create an agency at the forefront of trends that wholly embraced, respected and genuinely understood this target market so clients represented would achieve brand cut through, greater customer reach and fresh opportunities to drive growth.

Nicholas is also a published author of “The Mum Who Roared” (Exisle Publishing), an industry spokesperson and writes for a series of marketing publications.  Nicholas is available for speaking engagements and corporate workshops.

About the Babushka doll in the Kids Business logo

Babushka Dolls are traditionally known as a Russian Matryoshka Doll. The Latin root word of Matryoshka is mater which means “mother.” The ‘Mater’ is the matriarch of the family; the key person of influence that deserves to be revered.   At Kids Business, we couldn’t agree more.  The ‘Mater’ is at the heart of what Kids Business Communications does.

Kids Business team from L-R: Courtney, Christie, Bloggers Brunch MC Deauvanne aka Mama Stylista, Stephanie

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