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Due to a hugely successful 2018 tour, Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event, the Bloggers BrunchTM returned to Brisbane to OUTSTANDING fanfare and superior results!

In just 3 hours brands built brand awareness and prepared to drive sales by establishing powerful relationships with key promotional partners.

At this event we delivered to brands:

  • Top Quality Influencer Referrals: 76 Guests with 3.7 Million followers; Greater reach than morning TV
  • Pre-Qualified Campaign Interest, Secured in Advance from Influencers Ready To Go
  • Pre-Organised 1-on-1 Meeting Times with High Profile Promotional Partners
  • Fast Results! Live Social Coverage at the Event and Beyond
  • Pre-Event Training to Maximise and Leverage Brand Success
  • Uncluttered environment. 14 Great Brands in the spotlight (Strictly no competitors)
  • Access to this generation of Mums: 88% of influencers Gen Y
  • More advocates = More buyers. Unique Hero Advocacy Rating Score for every single brand demonstrates a MASSIVE increase brand sentiment and purchasing intent!
  • Accelerated brand campaigns now live. See below example of post-event outcomes.
  • The new way to market to Mums; The only platform that merges the nurture the intimacy of consumer interface with the instant reach and power of social.

Customer experiences:

“Definitely a time-saving process for us!  Really good to meet influencers Kids Business have already vetted, instead of starting from scratch. Great opportunity to get your brand out there. We met with 60 to 70 influencers (with over 3 Million Reach) and now it’s about developing those relationships”


“We found the whole process EASY. We met with over fifty influencers! We’ve gotten to know them, which will help us to take that relationship with them to the next level. It’s been an amazing platform for us!”


“If anyone is thinking of starting their own business, and they are on a mission to add value to humanity, not just to make money… then we say, go for it! The world needs your contribution!”


“DEFINITELY worth it! Couldn’t be happier & really excited about the next events”



“Truly Outstanding! We were INUNDATED!”

Results, 4 weeks on:

On average, brands secure campaigns with 20-30 influencers, to deliver multiple pieces of content each, valued at over $30,000!

Protect a Bed as an example:

  1. Attracted Powerful Advocates: 75 influencers Australia wide were personally educated about Protect a bed, via in-person 1 on 1 educational sessions. During these meetings, influencers learnt about the product, the range, saw the impressive benefits of the product and had the opportunity to have a 2-way conversation with brand representatives.
  2. Delivered Outstanding Customer Reach: Collectively, these esteemed influencers reach out to 3.2 Million readers via their social communities. (FYI – Only 3.8 Million people watch the Grand Final.
  3. Secured More Successful Customer Experiences: Over 60 pieces of powerful, emotive, descriptive user-generated content has or is in the process of being published.  This media coverage is worth over $45,000. This is made up of: reviews, videos, testimonials, stories, posts explaining the benefits they experienced with using Protect a Bed. Unrivalled amount of publicity!
  4. Accelerated Advocacy, Sentiment, Purchase Intent: Influencers were surveyed both before and after meeting Protect a Bed to identify and measure the direct result of meeting in person, experiencing the brand and establishing a brand relationship.  On a scale of 1-4 influencers rated brand sentiment, advocacy, purchasing intent. Results demonstrate outstanding and an improved Advocacy rating score.
  5. More Influential Buyers = More Powerful Advocates: Protect a Bed has heightened engagement and empowered more influencers to become converted buyers. Now with more genuine advocates, there is an increase in credible and personally invested influencers who in turn will influence more Mums to make informed buying decisions.

“I give Kids Business 10 out of 10” – David, Protect-a-Bed Founder (Booked 5 Times!)


At Kids Business, we recognise the level of influence our influencers have over their readership. This is why we believe it is important to measure and understand how each influencer feels about the brand after meeting with them. Influencers had the opportunity to nominate brands from the following awards: Favourite Brand, Best Brand Experience, Most Likely to Purchase and Best Community Initiative.

The winners of the Bloggers Brunch™ Bloggers Choice Awards are:

Overall Favourite Brand:

  • Winner – Happy Hairbrush
  • Runner Up – Chicco
 Best Brand Experience

  • Winner – Happy Hairbrush
  • Runners Up – Colorific
Most Likely to Purchase Product or Service

  • Winner – Colorific
  • Runner Up – Happy Hairbrush
Best Community Initiative:

  • Winner – Happy Hairbrush & Heinz Baby Basics (Tie)
  • Runner Up – Medela
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