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The following brands have won prestigious acclaim, as voted by esteemed Influencers at Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event (Bloggers Brunch) recently; This should be you next year.

To recap, a selection of brands across every category including: Spotlight, VTech, Black + Decker, Beginners on Stage, Wattle Health, Moose, Dermavive, Nutriderm, Mustela, Smash, Leap Frog, Uganic, Kong and Breville leveraged relationships and amplified visibility with 83 selected Influencers with access to 2.3 Million Mums and immediately ignited ongoing campaigns with them.

As a way to give our brand partners extra value, we surveyed influencers before and after the live event to determine a ‘Hero/Advocacy rating’. This considers what they knew about the brand, whether they were already posting about it and what their emotive connection was to the brand. Scores jumped from 2 to 3.5 (out of 4)! Showing the massive value of connecting at LIVE events versus cookie-cutter digital connections.

As part the feedback, Influencers vote for brands for a series of awards. We are so excited to announce the winners:

1. Overall Favourite Brand

Winner: Moose Toys
Runner up: Happy Hair Brush

“Moose are the best! So much fun and wow what a range!”
Mums Central | 673,145 followers

2. Brand Most Likely to be Purchased

Winner: Moose Toys
Runner up: Happy Hair Brush

3. Best Brand Experience:

Winner: Happy Hair Brush
Runner up: Smash

4. Best Community Initiative:

Winner: Happy Hair Brush (equal)
Winner: Smash (equal)
Runner up: Moose Toy

Results and outcomes for each brand have been EXTRAORDINARY – everyone smashed their KPI’s and we’ll be sharing updates with you soon. We’re so happy to see that the amount of content and quality of content being produced for brands has broken new records.

What a way they get to finish the year and start the next one!

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