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Automated sign-up process launched for schools, community groups and sporting clubs to request free show-bags and product donations for their events

An automated sign-up service for schools, community groups and sporting organisations to receive free show-bags and product donations has been launched. The show-bags contain products specific for children and families, ideal for use at events as giveaways or prizes. The Australia-wide initiative is currently in a sign-up phase with show-bags to be available throughout 2014.

Kids Business Communications, a PR and Marketing agency representing family-friendly brands, is behind this initiative to support schools, parent committees and other organisations with this complimentary service to enhance their next event.

Kids Business Director Christie Nicholas explains, “We know that schools and organisations are often on the lookout for ways to enhance their next event and maximise fundraising efforts. We also know that companies are often flooded with requests from schools wanting donations. This initiative will streamline the entire process. Within weeks of launching this initiative we are excited that over 500 schools have already requested donations for 2014 fetes, sporting days and end of term celebrations.”

There is no cost for organisations to order, but number of show-bags and product donations available is limited. Interested parties should visit An online request form is available and will take 3 minutes to complete. Items being distributed include a selection of well-known products readily available at major stockists and have parents tick of approval.


For more information, contact Stephanie Karagiorgios at

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