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Over the years Kids Business has introduced over 140 brands to the blogging community and worked with both parties to start long and short term collaborations. Here’s a few tips we’ve learnt along the way:

  • Get to know them: Make the time to read their blog and look over their social media outlets to get a sense of who they are and what you have in common. Bloggers enjoy collaborating with brands that make the time to get to know their work.
  • Be clear on your objectives: Have an idea of how you see this relationship working, be open about your intentions and invite feedback and ideas from the bloggers too. e. Is it activate product trials? Is it to appoint long term advocates?  Let them know what you have in mind/offering and ask them for their suggestions.
  • Set a timeframe: Bloggers have existing commitments and many have already scheduled posts so if you have deadlines, make sure they will work for both parties.
  • Keep it friendly and relaxed: No need to be a salesperson when getting to know a blogger. Just be personable, transparent and genuine. If you really like each other, the rest will follow. Avoid the hard sell/ ‘must publish’ approach.
  • Be Patient: Bloggers are busy juggling their everyday lives. They can’t always reply immediately, so allow a few days before your friendly follow up.
  • Network: Make the time to speak with every blogger you meet an event and follow up with them thereafter. It’s not often you get to catch up face to face but it can make all the difference in the long run. Face to face networking is the best way to step out of the online clutter.  And remember to bring business cards!
  • Share Social Media Handles and Hashtags: When you are introducing yourself to bloggers online, make sure you Include your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram details in your emails. Make it a little more convenient for the blogger to find out more about you.

Working successfully with bloggers comes down to having genuine relationships where both parties feel valued and like they are a natural fit for one another. To achieve this, you need to research, reward and respect one another – and have some fun along the way!

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