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Not your average expo. The Bloggers Brunch, Australia’s largest influencer event, is a WOM campaign that ignites mum to mum endorsements & drives sales with greater reach than TV!

Kids Business Communications, the pr and marketing to mum specialist agency, hosted it’s biggest Bloggers BrunchTM event in Melbourne to date.

Twelve brands exclusively participated in the highly experiential social media event, to educate & engage personally with an elite group of influencers who collectively reach 2M others. Among them, Ryobi, Mustela, Lansinoh, Black and Decker, Portable North Pole and Bo-Po. As well as trusted Australian favourites, Cancer Council, Brauer, SMASH, Marathon Foods, ergoPouch, and Catch Group.

Here’s a taste of what you missed. Hear from brands directly why you need to reserve your spot for the Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne 2018 events.

The results from the day were stronger than ever! The participating brands:   

  • Directly educated & impressed 80 guests with 2M+ fans (we promise 1M)
  • All brand secured reviews & guaranteed brand exposure from 40-63% of influencers (well over our minimum guarantees!)
  • Received a pool of glowing testimonials to immediately share on brand assets that establish credibility & fuel word of mouth, mum-to-mum endorsements.

What brands had to say

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