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Our client (Baby category, feeding products) had a distinct and relatable marketing concern. The sales of their 27-year old brand were declining and they wanted to validate their assumptions as to the reasons why. Kids Business applied a 360-degree testing protocol to assess why mums were not buying their product and to also recommend a future action plan that will strategically turn the brand around to positively impact sales.

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Some highlights of the Kids Business research revealed:

  • Mums shopping habits for this product type had changed and they were now shopping elsewhere
  • The branding was undesirable
  • Mums were not relating to the brand message

Kids Business recommended the Brand:

  • Pursue a sales strategy with a new retail channel (pharmacy)
  • Embark on rebrand
  • Craft relatable and appealing brand message

As a result of this research, recommendation and strategy Kids Business delivered, the brand has now:

  • Faster sales: Sold in the new look brand to all major retailers that have already re-ordered
  • Market expansion: Secured a NEW retail partner, a massive pharmacy chain, increasing revenue

The research was the backbone of all the decisions that we’ve made. It’s given us a new lease on life. It’s allowed us to take a mature product, in a mature industry and space and given us an opportunity to refresh and revitalize. The beauty of doing the research as extensively as we did, is it puts the decision making back into the hands of the target consumer. We feel confident that the product will be successful.”  Brand spokesperson


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