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Billion Dollar Mum Market Research

This 2017/2018 initiative was commissioned by Kids Business Communications, the PR & Marketing to Mum specialist agency. Over 2000 Australian Mums were surveyed to reveal what marketers need to know most about this demographic largely in charge of $132B of household spending,

In this report you’ll discover insight, key stats and trends across:

  • Mums’ social media habits (how this differs depending on what stage of parenting they’re at)
  • Everywhere Mums turn for product recommendations, in detail- by medium
  • How much influence online vs offline sources have on purchasing decisions
  • How thoroughly Mums research all product categories – including yours
  • The changes to her social life impacting the marketing to mum landscape and brand opps
  • Top 10 take-aways to implement into your next campaign

Sample of Key Findings

Offline Experiences Key: 97% of mums rate brand ‘experiences’ as the most influential medium driving them to purchase

Reviews are Essentials: 90% of mums read “reviews/online recommendations” before making a purchase

WOM is Major Influencer: 98% of mums will ask “another mum” for a product recommendation

If you, or someone you know, would like complimentary access to the findings,  entering your details here and start on your Marketing to Mums strategy today.

Enter the year with confidence knowing exactly how your plans suit market trends and how you can shape them further to get the most results.

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