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Here is an example of the PR and Marketing to Mum solutions we have supported brands with including: PR and Social representation, Bespoke Projects, Sampling/Review programs as well representation at the Bloggers BrunchTM, Bloggers BBQ and Social Mums influencer events.

To date, Kids Business has represented over 170 brands across all product categories. Please find below a sample of case studies and contact us to discuss your requirements or to learn more about the work we have done specifically in your industry.

Bloggers Brunch

November 2015 Bloggers Brunch Outcomes

PR Activity



Food Babies Love

Market Research 

Baby Feeding Accessory Market 

Billion Dollar Mum – What Makes Mums Buy Your Product 

Integrated Campaign

Cocobella event, blogger activation, school sampling

Mamee Chef: example of blogger activation, grassroots sampling

School Sampling

That! Case Study

Blogger Outreach

Mitsubishi Case Study

Spriggy Case Study

Private Blogger Events

Kmart Play Event

Myer Giftorium National Launch

Spotlight National Craft Month Event

Pop up experience at 3rd party expos (Dyson and Medela)

National Pop-Up Events: Dyson Good Food & Wine Show

Bloggers Brunch Events

Fashion (Rockmans)

Food (Steggles + Cobs)


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