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When the Bloggers BrunchTM burst into the calendar of events, it was simply a way for bloggers and brands to meet and mingle in person – away from the clutter of a sometimes noisy online environment.

Fast forward 6 years and this bi-annual signature event orchestrated by communications agency Kids Business, has cemented itself as the ultimate money-can’t-buy soiree for awesome bloggers as well as being a coveted platform for selected food brands that want to be where the action and conversations with key influencers start.

The most recent Bloggers BrunchTM event, was held in April in NSW.  This event provided an opportunity for FMCG food brands including Steggles and Cobs to each host a live, interactive, experiential demonstration to 50 bloggers, who collectively boast over 2 million followers.

Influencers met with brand representatives from both brands in person to learn more about the benefits, recipe ideas, product versatility and most importantly – to actually try the product.  Kids Business works closely with food brands exhibiting to serve a menu built around the brands involved to enhance the experience for both bloggers and the brands and in this instance welcomed on-site masterclasses from Steggles.

Food brands involved at the recent event were there to educate, inspire and empower bloggers in a valuable face to face environment and provide bloggers with the opportunity to start telling their brand’s story authentically and transparently.

“Cobs Popcorn will recommend the Bloggers BrunchTM to other brands. It’s been a fantastic day to engage with bloggers and to really educate them about the fantastic range of Cobs Popcorn, ” explains Cobs Representative, Tamara Jenkins.

Bloggers enjoy meeting food brands in a hands-on space. Beyond the event, conversations continue with online brand commentary about their product experience, shared photos of the food and proof of a genuine love for a new-found favourite their whole family is tipped to enjoy:

“As a result of this event, Cobs popcorn is now on my next shopping list. Great tasting and loved the different varieties.” – Tamara, Love My Finds

“After attending Bloggers BrunchTM I am now a true Steggler, all the tasty foods I tried were to die for!” – Laura, Mizz Mummy

The next Bloggers BrunchTM now filling. Kids Business Communications is currently taking expressions of interest from brands interested in exhibiting and meeting with 50 leading female influencers and grocery buyers.

#bloggers_brunch @kids_business.  Contact for info.

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