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Kids Business works with companies to curate interesting, vibrant and measurable marketing to mum initiatives such as dedicated bespoke events that efficiently and effectively connect brands with an influential tribe of attendees.

Medela Australia enlisted the services of Kids Business to create and host the inaugural Medela Interactive Mums Group on April 19th 2017. Kids Business collaborated with Medela to identify and bring together expert panellists, leading parenting bloggers/ influencers, media and every-day “social mums’.  Via a robust, panel-style event, guests and panellists discussed and explored topical insights from Medela’s recent survey with 7.8K respondents, as well as other relevant topics to uncover real issues affecting new mums, how social media outlets can shape confidence of new mums and the role Medela is able to play in this discussion.

Quick stats:

  • 30 attendees in total (8 influencers, 3 media, 19 social mums/ trial team participants) with collective reach over 700K
  • 80% of guests rated their overall experience as excellent
  • 70% of guests are more impressed with Medela as a brand
  • 100% plan on sharing insights with their network

Event outcomes:

  • The event delivered a unique, quality platform to communicate key Medela values including: the emphasis Medela places on ongoing research, the commitment to involving, respecting and supporting the wider community as well as providing a forum to cement its’ position as a leader at the forefront of grassroots initiatives.
  • This event evolved on the day as on-site focus group. Attendees and experts discussed the survey findings, alongside other discussion points and topics that matter to them and provided qualitative insights further supporting the recent research findings.
  • Kids Business nominated and worked with the Media Partner to promote the event via their wider This partnership ensure brand awareness was leverage reach new and relevant audience
  • Attendees displayed a willingness to share Medela’s “Celebrate Midwives” clip on Facebook with their communities. To date this clip has generated 5K+ views
  • Feedback from the event has been excellent! The interactive panel discussion was rated the “favourite” and “most valuable” part of the day by attendees. Additional feedback includes:


“The event was everything I expected and more”

“What a wonderful group of people with a fabulous panel! It was more than I expected, I loved that the size of the group was small and we had the chance to speak to the experts.”

“It was worthwhile. Meeting the experts and other influential mummy bloggers was well worth my time. Listening to the discussions in the room was very informative and hearing first hand ‘what mums want’.”

“The event was better than I expected. I found it very informative and found the experts gave great insight and ideas about being a new first time mum that I really found helpful.”

“it was great to hear other (real) stories from other mums and experts. Definitely helped me feel like a more confident mummy.”

“I really enjoyed the event. Great information shared & loved the interactive session.”

“It was a great discussion and opened my eyes up to a few things, also great to catch up with the other mums.”

“It was worthwhile as it inspired some thought towards some upcoming articles for new parents.”

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