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About the event:

When: January 18th 2014

Where: NSW

Brands That Are Participating:

Cenovis is the Australian vitamin brand that’s been trusted by families for over 70 years. Visit the Cenovis stand to discover exciting new Cenovis products and initiatives, designed for modern families.

Gastrolyte has introduced an Australian first innovative oral rehydration solution, with the new ready to eat Jelly-Ice Blocks.
Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice Blocks were developed after gathering key insights from consumers as it offers a rapid rehydration solution that can be eaten straight away because of its unique jelly consistency. It also makes it fun to eat for children. There is no need to chill or freeze Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice Blocks before eating (you can if you have time to wait!) which makes them ideal for parents who want to rehydrate their children quickly from dehydrating illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, colds and flus.
They come in two child friendly flavours, strawberry and orange.
Available in all pharmacies and Woolworths. Available in Coles from April 2014.

Essenzza Japanese Facial Treatment Masks are simple to use and easy to remove – less messy than a traditional face mask allowing you time to relax and rejuvenate your skin.

Natural Active Ingredients, Paraben and Sulphate Free – Designed to leave your skin feeling smooth, clear and hydrated, our unique formulation is made from only the best natural active ingredients. All without the use of harsh preservatives or sulphates.

Unlike many traditional facial masks, Essenzza Natural Japanese Silk Facial Treatment Masks are ready to be applied straight from the sachet. Simply peel off when finished – less mess, less fuss!

Essenzza Natural Facial Treatment Masks are suitable for all skin types and come in three varieties, Moisturise + Smooth, Cleanse + Exfoliate, Anti-Ageing + Antioxidant.

RAMS offers Australians a genuine alternative to the banking experience by making it simple and real.

Over the years, RAMS has developed a strong, award-winning reputation for its range of innovative and flexible home loan products which offer home loan solutions for everyday Australians – making it affordable for people to own their home.

RAMS not only offer affordable home loans but also competitive high interest online savings and transaction accounts to help customers save more and pay off their home loan faster.

RAMS is all about personalised service and helping Australian families realise the Great Australian Dream of home ownership. That’s why we are proud to sponsor the 2014 Bloggers BBQ and support the blogger community.

We’ll be there

Real Insurance offers value for money, simple and easy to understand insurance products to protect you and your family.

From insurance to help secure your family’s financial future should the worst happen to you, to simple cover to help take care of your bills or funeral cost, even insurance to help protect your four legged friends.

At Real Insurance we pride ourselves on providing the best service and value for our customers. We’re straight forward and we put you first.

Whatever life throws your way, Real Insurance will be there.

Life | Funeral | Income Protection | Pet | Car | Home | Bicycle | Travel

Dyson is about making things work better. The vacuum cleaner is a good example. The technology hadn’t changed for over a century and they didn’t work properly. They clogged and lost suction. James Dyson had an idea. 5,127 prototypes later the world’s first vacuum cleaner that didn’t lose suction was a reality.  At this Bloggers BBQ, you’ll see why you don’t need to pull out your full sized vacuum cleaner for every small mess made in the home.
The latest Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 vacuum is lightweight, cordless, and packs the same power as a mains vacuum cleaner. With 20 minutes of powerful suction, DC59 is light and easy to manoeuvre between high, low and hard to reach spaces. No more fiddling about with plugs or tripping over cords. Simply remove from the docking station and go.

If you’re trying to get your family to drink more water, why not make it clean and pure? Cleansui is a market-leading  water filtration brand in Japan, providing a premium 3-stage filtering process which removes impurities as small as 0.1 micron from your drinking water.

Quench your thirst, plus learn all about purified water and how it is better for you. Generous giveaways and refreshing, fun water games for the whole family to enjoy.

Turkey Shortcuts are a fresh, exciting range of turkey cuts from Steggles delivering simple, tasty and healthier meals. The Steggles Turkey Shortcuts range continues to simplify the turkey cooking experience, offering both ready-to-cook meals featuring complimentary seasonings and easy serving suggestions, as well as versatile cuts that allow cooks to create their own recipes.

Turkey has a number of nutritional benefits and can help form part of a healthy and well balanced diet and lifestyle. The products are high in protein and low in fat, with mince and breast fillets awarded the Heart Foundation Tick. At this Bloggers BBQ enjoy a delicious Steggles Turkey Shortcuts buffet lunch.

For almost 40 years, the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) has supported over 300,000 families offset the cost of their children’s education. But now we’re moving towards offering more than just education funds. ASG will partner with parents to help nurture their children along their education journey through a wide range of resources, online tools and guides so they can reach their full potential.

ASG is a member-driven, not-for-profit organisation and specialist education benefits provider. More than 509,000 children have been enrolled with ASG and more than $1.8 billion in education benefits have been returned to our Members and their children. For more information about the benefits of becoming an ASG Member, visit or call 1800 648 945.

Nintendo is the worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment. Nintendo is  well known for  Wii and Nintendo DS, as well as the Game Boy™, Game Boy Advance, Super NES™, Nintendo 64™ and Nintendo GameCube™. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario™, Donkey Kong™, Metroid™, Zelda™ and Pokémon™.

At this year’s Bloggers BBQ come check out the latest Nintendo have to offer in the interactive gaming stations.

For over 60 years, Russell Hobbs has been synonymous with quality, style and innovation for the kitchen and the home. Since 1952, Russell Hobbs has led the way by introducing products which offer technological advancements and stylish solutions to make life in the home easier and more enjoyable.

Staying true to its heritage, today Russell Hobbs boasts an impressive product portfolio from kettles and toasters to cooking, food preparation, cleaning and garment care. Continuously striving to deliver quality products that are not only intuitive and easy to use, Russell Hobbs appliances such as the elegant Kitchen Metallics Collection also act as a statement piece of their own on the bench top and in the home.

For shaving, grooming or creating the latest hair styles, Remington®  products offer quality and innovation. Remington’s wide variety of products include: hair dryers, straighteners, stylers, electric shavers, personal groomers, beard/stubble trimmers, haircut kits and hair removal solutions.

For your styling needs perfect the finishing touches with Silk Ceramic, a luxurious new professional collection of styling tools, or save time by getting ready in a flash with Remington’s new Wet2Straight hair straightener with Moroccan Argan Oil.

For precise, powerful, high performance and time saving hair removal solutions, look no further than the Remington®  shaving and grooming range for men and women.

Since its introduction in 1994, George Foreman & the famous George Foreman Health Grill have worked to help people make healthy eating a simple part of their everyday life by providing kitchen appliances that help ‘Knock Out the Fat’.

We take our customers’ needs seriously and are constantly working on range innovation to create products that are more versatile, easier to use and continue to help make the foods you love healthier.

George Foreman has created a range of food preparation appliances, such as our Mix and Go personal blender to help our customers prepare & include more fresh ingredients in their diet. George Foreman is no longer just about healthy cooking, but about healthy living.

Nad’s is famous for our natural no heat hair removal gel- developed by an Australian mum Sue Ismiel for her daughter 21 years ago. Today, you’ll still find this product in many bathroom cupboards around the world. Nad’s have over 12 products in the range and cater to absolutely everybody, both men and women. Chat to the Nad’s team and find a Nad’s product that is just right for you and the man in your life.

Put our products to the test and get a free eyebrow wax or nose wax on the day of the Bloggers BBQ. Hey…why not do both??

Nad’s is a reputable Australian family owned company. A trusted brand with over 20 years experience in hair removal. Nad’s Laser Clinic prides itself on first class, high quality service making clients feel welcome, confident and better about themselves. NLC are the specialists in hair removal, with over 40K hair removal treatments performed per year!

Nitwits produce innovative and effective head lice products that are kind to kids to effectively tackle head lice and their eggs. Nitwits deliver a complete range of of high quality products suited to the needs of busy mums that work. Nitwits have a comprehensive website- comprising of general head lice information, product details, activities for kids, information for schools and prevention techniques including hair styles for busy mums.

Event Supporter- TLC for kids™

TLC for kids™ is Australia’s sole provider of immediate distraction and urgent relief for all children in hospitals and their families, nation-wide.

Administered only by hospital and clinical professionals who refer families in need of assistance, TLC’s services (including the TLC Distraction™ Box and RAPID TLC) work to minimise the emotional, logistical or financial distress of any medical situation for children and their families, without having to wait.

TLC for kids support sick children who have fallen through the gaps of the existing healthcare network – subsequently being used in over 400 hospitals across Australia, and in over 650,000 medical examinations and procedures, annually.


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