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When: May 5th, NSW

The Bloggers Brunch is a motivating, vibrant, interactive event where a group of brands educate & engage personally with parenting and lifestyle bloggers/influencers.

Platinum Partners


If your child asked what is tax and why do we need to pay it, could you answer? What about the role of superannuation in their future? The ATO and schools play a part in teaching our kids about tax and super, but the role of parents is critical. We want to explore how you and your community can help parents help their kids onto the right path from the beginning. Helping them understand how tax and super results in a positive outcome for them and the wider Australian community.

Our special guest, Kim Smith from Standing Strong, will also share her story about the social enterprise designated to empower and nurture the young women for a confident, positive future and how ATO influenced her journey.


Twitter: @ato_gov_au

Caruso's Logo

Caruso’s Natural Health is an Australian, family owned company founded by Frank Caruso. In 1979 Frank’s life changed forever after reading a book, which demonstrated that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems. Frank was so inspired by the learning’s in the book he couldn’t wait to share his findings with all his family and friends. Frank believes the best solution to our nations growing health problems is not prescription drugs but educating Australian’s about the prevention of disease.

On the 1st November 1982, on his 28th Birthday, Frank opened his first health food store so he could educate more people about the benefits of natural living.

In 1995 Frank started Caruso’s Natural Health with Quick Cleanser, a herbal & nutritional, internal cleansing program formulated to revitalise the digestive system. Over 22 years the range has expanded to over 70 nutritional and herbal products formulated to address a broader range of health conditions and to promote general health and wellbeing.

Today Frank is still heavily involved in the day to day operations of the company and is still as passionate as ever about helping Australian’s live healthier lives. Frank’s philosophy is simple; “Make time for good health and you’ll always have enough health for a good time!” At the Bloggers Brunch, Frank is set to inspire and motivate attendees with his contagious energy!


Watch the Caruso’s Story
Instagram: @carusosnaturalhealth


Curash Babycare offers a complete range of products to care for baby’s skin from top to bottom. Initially developed in the 1980’s by a Sydney doctor, Curash has continued to develop products that gently sooth, heal and protect to help keep baby’s skin perfect.

Using local expertise and in consultation with Australian mums, Curash has continued to develop the range from nappy rash treatments to shampoo, soap free bath washes, baby wipes and more.

Stop by the Curash stand to discover new products for baby and beyond.


Facebook: facebook/curash
Instagram: @curashau


Brand Partners

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frugl – like a grocery shopping list… but magic

Supermarkets regularly change their prices, making it nearly impossible for shoppers to get the best value groceries each week…until NOW! Meet frugl, the smart shopping list app, that automatically compares supermarket prices – so you never pay more than you should.  The difference in price for some of your favourite products can be huge. Big savings and little savings, frugl makes them all add up. Chat with frugl at the Bloggers Brunch to find out how you could save up to 30% on your shopping bill each month!


Facebook: facebook/





A great way for Kids to start the day.

Shopping for your kid’s breakfast can be hard.

Lowan has developed a tasty and creamy porridge that kids will surely love – introducing the NEW Lowan Toy Story Oats Sachets, available in 2 tasty flavours: Honey and Strawberry.

Each sachet contains the goodness of Australian grown oats, high in wholegrains with no artificial colours or flavours. With an impressive 4.5 Star Rating and the convenience of a delicious creamy porridge in 90 seconds breakfast for kids has never been this easy.

Did we mention that the packs have the kid’s favourite characters from Toy Story – the loveable Woody and the energetic Buzz!

Find out more about these exciting new products at the NSW Bloggers Brunch in May. Enjoy taste-testing and special guest surprises!

Available in your local IGA, Foodland, FoodWorks, SPAR & leading Independent retailers.



RS5112_Luv a duck new logo_2013_RGB

Luv-a-Duck is an Australian, family owned company born and bred in the heart of the Victorian Wimmera since 1968. The Luv-a-Duck range is so versatile and extensive, there is a duck product suitable for every taste and dish!

Join Luv-a-Duck at the Bloggers Brunch to discover nutritious duck facts, tips and tricks, including how easy it is to cook crispy skin duck breasts and make perfect Peking Duck Pancakes with their pancake kit. The team can’t wait to meet you- and serve you delicious, Luv-a-Duck inspired dishes!


Hints & Tips for Cooking Duck
Facebook: facebook/luvaduckaus
Instagram: @luvaduck


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Medela is not only a leading global producer of technologically advanced breast pumps and vacuum technology. They also conduct a lot of research and provide education to the community and breastfeeding mums. Medela have been reaching out to the community through various exciting innovative programs assisting breastfeeding mums. Medela are excited to extend their support of mums through their new mobile app MyMedela, their free blog site and education for mums and health professionals.

Medela is keen to celebrate International Day of this Midwife (May 5th) with you – A perfect opportunity to say thank you to a wonderful Midwife that inspired your journey in the early days of motherhood. Recently Medela conducted a survey with over 7,800 Aussie Mums to better understand how midwives supported them on their motherhood journey- learn more on the day. We look forward to hearing and sharing your favourite Midwife story too.



#MedelaAU #MyMedela







Check out the CHOICE Recommended Product – SEBO’s K3 Premium Barrel Vacuum Cleaner – Best Performer 2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016! Picks up 100% of Pet Hair in one pass. This deep cleaning vac makes light work of housework and works on both hard and soft floors – no need to change heads!

Made in Germany – SEBO has achieved CHOICE Recommendation for the SEBO Felix Premium Upright six years in a row too! All SEBO’s are of anti-allergy design perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

SEBO has a vacuum solution for any floor type, kids mess or pesky pet hair. Plug and play today! See the range in action at the Bloggers Brunch- plus 1 attendee will win their very own SEBO vacuum.


Facebook: facebook/sebo-australia
Twitter: @SEBOAustralia







Sakata helps you Snack Lighter

What’s in a rice cracker? Maybe you haven’t given it much thought, but pay attention next time you’re in the supermarket aisle and you’ll discover not all rice crackers are created equally. Or rather, not all rice crackers can claim the following; no added MSG, no artificial colours or flavours, proudly made in Australia and gluten free. (Spoiler: Sakata can!)

It’s all part of our brand mission to help you Snack Lighter. Sakata are a range of delicious, light, crispy rice crackers that are available in a variety of classic and exotic flavours, including tasty wholegrain rice cracker options. Sakata crackers are a great snack for kids and for busy working mums to include as part of a healthy, balanced diet. They are tasty enough to enjoy on their own or to pair with fruit, vegetables or spreads to go into a lunchbox.

So you can feel good knowing you’ve made a better choice for yourself and your family!


Please visit for further information.
Facebook: facebook/SAKATA.ricecrackers



With Slendier you can continue to enjoy your favourite comfort foods like pasta, lasagna, rice and noodles while losing weight fast.

Slendier is made from a Japanese vegetable called Konjac and very popular in South East Asia because of it’s slimming properties and ease of preparation. Konjac has been eaten for 1000 of years and provides a filling and healthy alternative to traditional pastas, rice and noodles. Slendier is certified by Coeliac Australia and Weight Watchers gave it zero points, so you can eat as much of it as you like.

At the Bloggers Brunch, taste the delicious dishes featuring Slendier prepared right in front of you by Yoshiko who has been featured on TV programs such as The Biggest Loser.


Facebook: facebook/slendier
Instagram: @slendier 


Discover More

Slendier Benefits

Slendier Story

Slender Products






Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Who doesn’t love a snack? Yet research shows 30% of mums feel guilty giving snacks to their kids, while 48% admitting they struggle to find snacks they’d happily give their kids and eat themselves.

Sunbites are a delicious range of snacks that are made with the goodness of wholegrain and are seasoned with natural colours and flavours, so you can feel good about your snack choice. They are made with healthier oils like sunflower and canola meaning they’re a lot lower in saturated fat than products cooked in palm oil. The range includes, Sunbites Grain Waves, Sunbites Funbites, Sunbites Crackers, and Sunbites Popcorn. Plus our convenient portion-controlled packs contain a sensible snack serve of 600kJ or less to make it even easier for mums to ensure their children are enjoying a balanced and nutritious diet.

Reasons to celebrate our tiny but tasty snacks:

  • Made with healthier oils, like Sunflower and Canola*.
  • Contain wholegrain cereals (corn, wheat, oats).
  • Always 600kJ or less per serve.
  • Only natural colours and flavours.

*Healthier oils are naturally lower in saturated fat than palm olein oil.


Please visit for further information.




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