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When we began work with Happy Hair Brush it was a local start-up entering a competitive, and cluttered market. 

The brand launched in the Australian Marketplace, largely via our Premier Influencer Marketing Events in VIC, NSW, QLD where brands leverage relationships with Millions of Mums.

Fast forward 12 months and they’re cracking the U.S market.

How did this brand soar so quickly? This is their journey with us…

KB: Jen – please tell us where were you at before you decided to commit to partnering with these events and what was the reason you wanted to collaborate with us: 

This is what Jen said:

“It was scary at first, as social media was a complete unknown to me. But we had to make a concentrated investment with our target market. They are ALL on social media.”

“I knew it was influencers who needed to meet us, see us and MOST importantly: experience our product.”

“If the influencers loved our product and shared it, that would give us the 3rd party credibility we needed with our potential customers.”

So Jen and her team set up a brand experience zone at our Influencer Marketing Events (Bloggers Brunch) in VIC, QLD, NSW. It was AMAZING!

Jen and the brand was able to enjoy:

  • 220 Top quality influencer referrals who connect with 5 Million Mums
  • Prequalified meetings and interest secured in advance by our team
  • Fast results – live social coverage came through immediately
  • Training and support to maximise and leverage all touch points

And that’s before the results kicked in!!!!

Jen’s Results via the Influencer Marketing Events:

  • “We generated 10x TIMES the return on investment – in SALES!
  • To produce this much content ourselves would have cost us $100K+
  • We could hardly keep up
  • Influencers created powerful content that spoke about the problem we solve!
  • And it wouldn’t have been as real!
  • We got to the majority of influencers FIRST, establishing HHB as the leaders
  • A large part of our success is a testament to your events
  • Influencers are now so open to our new range because they know & trust us
  • If you want to get to the Mum/Kids target market fast, THIS event is a MUST!”

Ultimately, beyond the sales, beyond the content, our role was to accelerate and amplify sensational relationships at lighting speed. Because establishing relationships is the foundation to long term success:

  • “The relationships were secured much faster as a result of the pre-introduction provided to us by you.
  • Before we even met the influencers, we had over 40 of them confirm a campaign with us.  The reason this could happen is because you had already shared with them the background story, the purpose, mission and the vision behind Happy Hair Brush”
  • On our behalf you created that bond and that trust in that relationship already. It gave us a background in them, and it gave them a background in us. It worked absolutely brilliantly.  So, even though we’ve never actually met them beforehand, that connection was instantly there.
  • You’ve essentially taken a cold market to be a warm market before they’ve even arrived, which is brilliant.
  • Overall this has been a massive boost for us and I can think more highly of you. You have been the BEST thing for my company’s rapid growth.”

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