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Pick up where standard brand awareness campaigns finish and drive a lead generation program that ultimately influences sales.

BRAND:  Spriggy is pocket money. Updated!

‘Kids in Adelaide’ loved how Spriggy enabled Rory to manage his pocket money

BACKGROUND:  As transactions increasingly move online Spriggy identified a need in the market for a way to teach ‘tweens’ practical saving and money management skills with a parental controlled, pre-paid debit card. This product type relied on educating the consumer to fully communicate core messages

OBJECTIVES:  Spriggy wanted to trial an influencer marketing campaign with the objective of generating consumer leads.  To do this, Spriggy collaborated on a campaign with Kids Business to coordinate a program with 6 influencers and at the same time, test the performance against a similar program they were coordinating independently with one of Australia’s leading online media outlets (marketing to Mums) to see which option would provide the best returns. Kids Business was tasked with coordinating and delivering an influencer marketing campaign to:

  • Pre-qualify, secure and establish collaborations with well-aligned and well informed bloggers that understood the brand ethos and was a genuine advocate.
  • Drive click throughs
  • Generate leads
  • Build awareness around the Spriggy brand
  • Educate more mums to the benefits of Spriggy as a pocket money management tool so they can make informed decisions moving forward
In depth reviews of Spriggy were shared via social media 

RESULTS: Greater conversion, amplified reach, more content, stronger relevance to the brand message.

Thanks to the (Kids Business) trial, we are confident that we can make a program work with influencers as part of an ongoing brand awareness program

By investing in the time to identify and educate influencers properly about the brand, a greater connection to the brand was established and more relevant, outstanding content created. Full results include:

  • Kids Business delivered 3 x greater conversion than one of Australia’s leading websites – for the same price!
  • 6 in depth influencer collaborations cemented with a group of representatives that boasted a combined social reach of 500K+, 5x greater than promised.
  • The actual reach/visibility of the content created was in excess of 150K
  • 28 pieces of amazing exposure (50% more than promised) was created, including 5 videos promoting ease of use and key benefits of Spriggy.
  • Personalised stories from carefully selected influencers with children in the target market. Content was designed to carefully address public concerns and communicate the social value of online debit cards for tweens. Spriggy educated mums about key features and benefits of their service.
  • Feedback from bloggers about what they and their audience engaged with shaped future content themes for Spriggy.

We’d recommend Spriggy to families”- Roxy, Kids in Adelaide

Our experience with Spriggy has been wonderful with many reasons to stay signed up with Spriggy after our trial ends” – Penny, Alphabet Street


  • Invest in the time to make sure influencers are aligned to the brand ethos
  • Invest in the time to get to know the influencers, understand their stories and how they envision representing your brand, to ensure story-telling will reflect your key messages – while at the same time, enabling influencers to maintain integrity and a genuine voice their readers love and trust.  The more complex the product – the more critical this step is.
  • Have clear objective established with the influences and understand path to success
  • Measure results, i.e. with individual tracking tools to assess ROI

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