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Let me share the success of Aussie brand Protect-a-Bed with you because if they can do it – so can you.

Protect a Bed has been represented by us for 3 years now with “Accelerate and Explode” ongoing retainer representation. This is an intense long-term program of benefits that drives momentum, market noise and sales. As partners, we deliver Leveraged Knowledge for Profit Market Research Campaign, Influencer Marketing Events, guaranteed Publicity Fix, Content Creation and Real Mum reviews and testimonials.

During this time, Protect a Bed has experienced market growth in terms of: more retailer support as well as elevating their position in the market.

Here is an example of outcomes that form part of the Accelerate and Explode support provided:

There’s been 257 brands that have participated at the Bloggers BrunchTM events, yet Protect-a-Bed blew ROI out of the water in terms of leveraging influencer activation and amplifying results.

They generated 93 pcs of content in 4 hrs – enough to fill an entire content calendar for 6 months with influencers boasting an audience size of over 2.5 Million! 

Protect-a-Bed was one of 14 exhibitors at our Melbourne event last month and had a goal to inspire and inform the 95 influencers attending on the core message and brand ethos, so that the influencers could pass on this information to their 3.1 Million readers:

“People are so busy today – it’s very hard to get your message across. People read one line or post on Instagram and believe that’s the truth. Getting your message across in the first place is really hard. To have 5 or 10 minutes with these influencers is really valuable to us.” – David, MD, Protect a Bed 


Before the event as we do with all exhibitors, we talked through the core message that has the biggest engagement, and then pre-screened and validated a quality guest-list before securing dozens of meetings with them, on the brand’s behalf.

This training and qualification mean no exhibitor is turning up just hoping. They have a plan, an agenda and pre-booked appointments.

Here is exactly how Protect a Bed made excellent use of the massive group of influencers with 2.5 Million readers. They created:

  • 23 videos filmed on the day with influencers; after chatting with influencers, Protect-a-bed invited them to be interviewed/filmed for the brands’ IGTV series
  • 16 bloggers collaborations, producing multiple pcs of content over 8 weeks
  • 26 x testimonials submitted from influencers for the brand to re-purpose
  • More powerful advocates = More buyers converted

This is what Protect a Bed said about their experience:

  • When they can see it, smell it, touch it, and hear it. Their senses are what makes them believe it. So if they can actually physically see that, like they do here, at a live event, it speaks volumes
  • We certainly found value in attending, and appreciate the pre-event training which helped immensely with generating the maximum amount of content
  • We have plans in place for that content, including profile posts, advertising, and IGTV series with ‘Protect-A-Bed’s Top Tips’ for a variety of things!
  • We had a big spike in engagement and exposure to a new audience
  • I give Kids Business 10 out of 10. You have an exceptional approach. You’re never pushy, you’re always professional and I can’t fault you guys

The jump in Hero/Advocacy ratings.

For the first time, we surveyed influencers before and after the live event to determine ‘hero/advocacy rating’. This considers what they knew about the brand, whether they were already blogging about it and what their emotive connection was to the brand. Scores jumped from 2 to 3.5 (out of 4 )! Showing the massive value of connecting at LIVE events versus cookie cutter digital connections.

As per 90% of brands that participate, Protect a Bed rebooked for the next event. This is due to:

  • People are 34 times more likely to respond to a message when delivered in person
  • What triggers Mums to buy your product is 50% online touchpoints and 50% offline
  • Mums value reviews and other Mums’ recommendations more than anything
  • Showing/trialling your brand in person heightens advocacy and converts sales


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