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High School formals are now mirroring high profile media events. The formal industry continues to grow, with experts crediting it to the rise of social media. Instagram is said to have increased pressure on young people to meet an unrealistic image.

  • The formal industry is worth more than $3 billion.
  • There is pressure to wear designer clothing, accessories and shoes, hire a makeup artist and limousine. The cost can be upwards of $700.
  • Style Theory Owner/Founder Jamie Lowe said her dress rental company has also seen increased demand.
  • Nyree Corby, CEO of fashion company Fame and Partners, said many students were designing their own dresses. She added that young people are aware that their social media account is linked to their brand and they want to showcase their individual style.
  • Hawksburn florist Brett Matthew John said he has had lots of requests for flower crowns and wrist corsages for school formals, confirming an extra cost that young girls and parents are having to worry about when formal planning.

Source Details: Dress is the real stress, Herald Sun, Saturday March 11 2017, Anna Byrne

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