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The latest Cartoon Network New Generations study reveals children aged 4-14 wielding an annual spending power of $1.8 billion.

1,000 individuals, comprising children aged 4-14 and their parents were surveyed, to gain insights into kids’ media habits and trends. The results reveal:

  • Australian children have an average annual income of $556
  • 92 per cent of children watched TV during the past month
  • TV is the top media consumption activity for kids
  • The number of kids watching and posting videos online has increased by 33 per cent
  • 86 per cent of children have jumped online in the past month, up 12 per cent.
  • Social media usage is found to increase with age, multiplying by five times as children grow from 7-9 years old to 13 years of age
  • Facebook most popular social media platform, while Snapchat is quickly gaining momentum

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