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Do you know

  • What makes mums purchase your product?
  • How are mums different to other consumers?
  • What factors influence this generation of mums more than other generations?
  • Does the product or service type impact the strategy marketers implement?
  • And lastly, is there a full-proof way to impress the mums largely in charge of $132 Billion of household spending?

If you sell to Mums, then you need the answers to these questions and more and I can’t wait to share the brand new findings with you from our most recent Market Research Initiative: “Billion Dollar Mum – what makes mums buy your product”. In additional to core facts and figures, the presentation will explore the 3 essential marketing to mum rules to apply to a strategy, 10 top of mind takeaways and a step-by-step system for any brand wanting to leverage a marketing to mum strategy immediately.

We’ve had the privilege of representing 180+ brands across all categories from Food to Fashion, Health to Home, Beauty to Baby & everything in between, with a variety of PR and Marketing to Mum initiatives including the Bloggers BrunchTM series of events.  We know mums are incredibly savvy consumers. We’ve seen first hand how their defining lifestyle factors and expectations shape what they are looking for from products and how they engage with brands, both for the short and long term. So we’ve taken on board this experience with what we know impacts different industries and surveyed 2000 Aussie Mums to provide a clearer perspective on stats, trends and insights for brands to shape their next steps.

The research puts ‘pester power’ into perspective, the role celebrities play in building brand awareness and provides a recap on facts around Mums’ social media habits, where they turn for product recommendations, how much influence online vs offline sources have on her purchasing decisions, how thoroughly mums research different product categories, plus the impact of her evolving social life has for brands.

Some insights worth flagging was the weighting of online and offline sources that influence mums’ final decision to purchase.  The research reveals that of the top four sources of influence, 2 are online (WOM on social media, Online Reviews) and 2 are offline (brand experiences such as trials/sampling/events as well as WOM from face-to-face networks).  A great reminder that while online ‘influencers’ are a growing part of the marketing mix, brand ‘experience’ and personal recommendations from people you know are critical sources that equally influence mums to buy your product.

There’s also some interesting movement in terms of how much time mums spend into reading reviews and researching products and promoting positive experiences of their own via facebook.  While they are increasingly active with this, (for some products more than others), a negative review doesn’t mean the brand will necessarily lose the sale.  Mums are proactively reading reviews and will own the decision regardless. Having said that, the young mums entering the market (Gen Z) are slightly less forgiving with negative reviews.

If marketers want to establish successful relationships with this audience, they need to know and respect who they are dealing with. That’s the second step to getting on her radar. The first is to request a copy of the full results and check out the essential facts and opportunities to impress this demographic.  Get in touch!

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