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Congratulations to Mater Products, announced as a recipient of the Bloggers Brunch, Bloggers Choice Awards – Best Community Initiative. The Bloggers Brunch is Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event creating highly leveraged relationships between brands and a community of bloggers, influencers and social mums.

The Kids Business initiative, now in its 9th year, completed celebrations of the first Queensland Bloggers Brunch with the awards program. After the interactive and rigorous brand experience day for influencers to meet, mingle and exclusively trial new products on the market from a panel of 11 brands, 73 influential guests with a collective audience size of 2.1 Million readers, placed their votes to nominate brands for a series of awards. The Bloggers Brunch Bloggers Choice Awards acknowledges both the bloggers’ considered voice and the level of impression Mater Products made.

Tanis Alves a brand representative of Mater who attended the event said:

“The bloggers were high quality and engaging. It was a great opportunity for us to tell our story which is quite different from anybody else. Because the audience were engaged, we were able to tell that story. It was just a really great moment!”

Popular Blogger Bridget from Midnight Mums summed up consistent brand sentiment for Mater Health,

“I absolutely loved meeting Mater to learn about specifically designed nappies by midwives and mothers. A lot of new mothers in the Midnight Mums Community will be very interested to learn about these and their health benefits to little ones.”

Christie Nicholas, Kids Business Managing Director and Founder of the Bloggers Brunch, adds:

“We’re thrilled for Mater Products and for the role the event played in introducing them to this audience with direct access to millions of their potential customers. Our Influencer Marketing Campaigns continue to grow in popularity for both the influencers and the brands we involve, as illustrated by our successful expansion into Queensland and New Zealand. Kids Business is committed to personally introducing the most influential bloggers to brands such as Mater Products to build long term, leveraged relationships. The Bloggers Brunch Bloggers Choice Awards celebrates the authentic feedback from influencers attending this unique event.”

 To enquire about the next event please contact ph: 03) 9598 9128 or email

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