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Following the success of two previous campaigns, Kids Business Communications was reappointed by Mitsubishi to orchestrate a blogger outreach campaign as part of the Australian 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV launch.

Kids Business secured eight well aligned bloggers to trial the Mitsubishi Outlander and subsequently share their personal experience with their online community with a combination of written reviews, vlogs and photos. The variety of bloggers participating ensured that potential consumers have the opportunity to better understand how the vehicle suits different needs and tastes.


  • Proven ROI: 2 car purchases are a direct result of this campaign (1 x blogger ended up purchasing the vehicle, as well as a reader who wrote in to say that she purchased as a direct result of one of the blog reviews. See sales comments below)
  • 8 content rich written reviews, 5 vlogs plus an endless stream of social media amplification. Each blogger wrote their review based around a specific angle consistent with Mitsubishi values, ensuring diversity, consistency and personalised perspective.
  • 840K+ collective reach of blog reviews (based on blogger’s combined social media reach and average unique monthly visitors)
  • 100% positive experience by bloggers

Blogger Feedback

“I don’t know who has my heart more today. The new Outlander from Mitsubishi Australia or the Hunter Valley”

“I really do rate this Outlander. I have actually been in the older models before as a friend owns one – and I feel like Mitsubishi has really upped the anti in terms of design, safety and performance. While I felt sporty, strong and safe driving it – I also felt classy, elegant and stylish”

“if you are looking for a SUV that isn’t hard to park, has a great safety rating and has all those great internal features… then you must test drive the Mitsubishi or as my kids know it the Mitsi. The hard part now is going back to my old car without all these fantastic features… Bring back the Mitsi!”


  • “I just thought I should thank you for giving Southern In Law a Mitsubishi to post about because it finally convinced my husband to get one for our family!!! It only took me years of convincing but I finally have my own (because I think my husband fell in love with the cool driving pics and thought he would look like someone from Fas and the Furious).  Maria. S (Reader)
  • “We are now the new proud owners of another Mitsubishi model as my husband loved it so much he purchased one for work.  The after sales and warranty service has been outstanding and I have the Outlander at the top of my new car list for 2016… (Hint hint Mr Stuffmumslike #STUFFLYNSEYNEEDS  #INEEDANEWCAR” Lynsey (Blogger)

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