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Following the success of last year, Kids Business Communications was again appointed by Myer to launch the 2015 Christmas Giftorium via a series of bespoke events across VIC, NSW, QLD. Over 100 influential lifestyle, beauty and parenting bloggers with a collective reach of 8.4M+ attended.

As part of this campaign, Kids Business surveyed bloggers post-events to gain insight into future purchase behaviour and impact of event. Results include:

  • 89% of attendees are now more likely to purchase their Christmas gifts at Myer
  • 97% of attendees are planning to promote Myer Giftorium to their online community


Myer 2015 Giftorium Summary


Blogger feedback

“The Myer Giftorium truly is a magical gift wonderland! Finding gifts for all my friends, family and especially my hard to buy for male relatives can get stressful but Myer’s gifticians and elves make Christmas gift shopping so easy! I’ll definitely be sharing this perfect Christmas shopping location with my blog readers”

“Myer understands what customers want, it’s about the ‘experience’ and puts the fun back into shopping at Christmas. They have it all. We loved the entertainment at every turn making us smile throughout the day. Definitely takes the ‘chore’ and stress out of shopping at Christmas time and we’ll be back!”

“We loved the event, I brought my husband along this time and he was very impressed with the Giftorium concept (I even overheard him later on the phone to a friend telling them about how good the idea was for “us Dad’s”!!). The Giftorium is a great idea for those family members who may need the help purchasing gifts each Christmas!”

Myer Giftorium 2015 image

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