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medela logoMedela Australia are the leading suppliers of breastfeeding pumps and wanted to generate attention for their new App MyMedela.

Kids Business Communications was tasked with the role of promoting an initiative and product with limited appeal (i.e. the product is strictly for breastfeeding mums and mums to be).

Kids Business launched a massive, highly integrated pr campaign that ensured every aspect was leveraged to facilitate long term, impactful publicity in all mass media and influencer channels.


Kids Business represented Medela to:

  1. Commission news-worthy Australia-first survey providing insights into where mums go for parenting support and the impact of online
  2. Collaborate with 15 leading celebrity/ other influencers to generate brand exposure
  3. Produce emotive branded clip, which also gains consistent popularity amongst target market
  4. Secured blue-chip media coverage including: TV, Metropolitan papers, parenting titles
  5. Introduce 50+ Bloggers with collectively 2M+ followers to Medela to learn about the new app
  6. Work with selected bloggers to produce written posts

 As part of this campaign, Kids Business delivered:


  • Created/Launched a survey to assess how online platforms assist mums in their role as parents
  • Generated 4000 respondents, which ensured survey was impactful and insightful
  • Results were translated into an info-graphic (with Medela App branding) designed to be easily shared by the media via social channels
  • Survey results created the basis of the story for the pr campaign

View the info-graphic here.

Ambassador Program

  • Kids Business continues to research and identify key Celebrities and influential personalities Australia wide to be introduced to the Medela brand.
  • Kids Business facilitated the brand introduction and worked with personality to secure coverage.
  • As a result, many influencers are sharing generous brand coverage, authentic recommendations while igniting conversations around breastfeeding with their followers. In majority of posts, readers’ express intent to purchase
  • Over a 3 month campaign, 15 key personalities (made up of celebrities and bloggers) have shared Medela brand info with their audience reach out to a collective audience size of 2M+


  • Ashy Bines (800k+) I Chontel Duncan (559k+) I Michelle Bridges (186K+)ashy bines photo chontal photo michelle bridges photo

Emotive Clip

  • Kids Business designed, created and produced an emotive clip to encourage audience to connect with brand and the app. 10K+ views (on the Facebook link) in 3 weeks:
  • All talent used in the clip were bloggers. As part of collaboration, bloggers shared clip
  • During filming, National TV station attended to interview talent for future story about App

Press Campaign

  • The combination of the survey results and onsite filming of the emotive clip secured national coverage immediately.
  • Within 3 days of launching the pr campaign, National Television and National newspapers promoted Medela – among other coverage via parenting and lifestyle media

Medela Bloggers Brunch collaboration

  • Medela exhibited at the April Bloggers Brunch
  • This event provided a unique platform for Medela to official launch the survey results and the emotive clip to an audience of 50 bloggers with over 1M followers
  • While at the event, bloggers were educated about the new app and invited to share the infographic and clip with their community (in return for an entry into on the day competition)
  • Post event, Kids Business worked with a group of attendees enthusiastic to produce posts about My Medela App
  • Then, after each review campaign, selected participants are forming part of a longer term ambassador campaign. These bloggers represent the brand for a 6 month period to share ongoing posts


“Kids Business Communications respects and values that Medela Australia is entirely focused on supporting women in their breastfeeding journey by providing research, products and extensive resources to equip mums with the information and support they need need to feel empowered.  Kids Business represented Medela to execute a multi-dimensional PR Strategy as part of the launch of their new parenting support app. 

The PR Strategy was well thought out, interactive and the different elements including: devising a newsworthy Australian-first survey, producing an emotive clip, solidifying relationships with ambassadors and influencers and participation in a key social media event ensured the campaigned delivered above and beyond a straightforward media campaign.  As a result, the brand received extensive awareness and engagement with the media and consumers and continues to gain positive traction.  We were excited to work with Kids Business in a campaign that was topical, newsworthy, relevant, engaging and inline with our focus on supporting the community. 

Kids Business demonstrates how important it is for an agency to be fully immersed in the values a brand stands by in order to deliver a PR strategy and campaign that effectively shares key messages to the target market, respectfully.”

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