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It’s hard to believe the Bloggers Brunch, founded by PR and Marketing agency Kids Business Communications, is 6 years old. After 15 huge events hosting over 100 exhibitors to date, Kids Business continues to orchestrate Australia’s largest event that is entirely focused on introducing bloggers to brands who want to form relationships with them.

This is a free networking event for bloggers to meet a complete range of brands across all categories (i.e. food, beauty, fashion, baby, automotive, health, wellness and beyond). The invite-only event also aims to inspire guests with special guest motivational speakers, interactive experiences and a few other surprises. It’s also an awesome opportunity to meet up with other like-minded individuals; it’s not often over 50 leading Aussie bloggers are in the same room together!

The next event is in Melbourne on November 11th, read a little about the awesome brands exhibiting here. Exclusively by invitation only, bloggers and online influencers can register interest here. If you’re an influencer keen to collaborate with credible brands open to partnerships, then the Bloggers Brunch is your perfect starting point.  By attending, bloggers receive exclusive, first access to brand opportunities that include sponsored posts, ambassador roles, trial campaigns and more.

What attendees have said

“The Bloggers Brunch is a highlight of my year! I love attending these events and look forward to them. Over the years I have established some fabulous relationships with brands, charities and influencers at these events. I also look forward to the guest speakers and enjoy the chance to develop my blogging skills whilst also forging partnerships with particular brands that cater well to my blog niche. It’s also a great opportunity to jump out from behind the computer and enjoy a social catchup with the blogging community.

“As my blog and business evolves and matures, I find I have to be more selective with my time and can’t often attend all of the various blog events, but the Bloggers Brunch is a ‘must’ on my busy schedule. For new bloggers, and the more established, it’s a well-positioned event that renews your motivation, inspires, offers fresh opportunities and plenty of friendly community support.” Bel

“I love these events, it’s something I look forward to each year. They are well planned and executed and I love the opportunity to meet face to face with brands as well as the partnership opportunities with a charity.” Elise

“Kids Business always put on a phenomenal event that brings together bloggers with brands. This event for me is something that I have grown to majorly appreciate. Kids Business get a lot of brands that I don’t think I could have ever gained collaborations with, without the help of their events. If I was to ever have to miss an event hosted by Kids Business I am always kicking myself as I just know that so many valuable relationships come from their events” Nikita

“My first Bloggers Brunch helped me launch my blog in an exciting new direction. Not only was I able to start monetising effectively but I formed wonderful partnerships with some like-minded brands. Meeting other bloggers was the icing on the cake- some of them are now great friends and we support and promote one another in a number of ways.” Dawn, Kangaroo Spotting

What brands have said about meeting bloggers

“Thank you for hosting a wonderful event. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being able to communicate to bloggers face to face and give them a better understanding of our products and our brand. The photos are fantastic and we will be sure to share them on our social media platforms. We have already started working with a few bloggers. Our view is to build a good relationship with them on an ongoing basis.” Oricom

“I’ll absolutely recommend the Bloggers Brunch to other brands because I don’t think you can beat that face to face contact. It’s just such a great way to connect.” Lite n’ Easy

 “We were just so overwhelmed by the kindness of the bloggers and the genuine feedback we received. This is going to help us in the next 6 months of product development. Any brand that doesn’t want to get left behind – I would say jump on board and get involved in the Bloggers Brunch! Tapping into this resource is invaluable to any brand.” Smash Nude Food Movers

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