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New research by Nickelodeon analyses 6,500 families in a study that aimed to discover what it’s like to be a pre-schooler in today’s world. The study compared Aussie parents with parents from 12 other countries. The below insights into Aussie parents were found:

  • 88 % expressed concerns about their child’s future.
  • 24 % are concerned about their child’s safety – 14 % on the global average.
  • 77 % believe children should learn through their own experiences.
  • 65 % listen to a child’s opinion before making a decision that affects them.
  • 74 % think learning through play is more important than formal learning.
  • 82 % encourage their children to play outdoors compared to 76 per cent globally.
  • Aussie pre-schoolers only spend an average of 2 hours a day outside, below the 2.4 hours.

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