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Medibank’s Better Health Index reveals a third of mums are suffering from stress, compared with just a quarter of the general population.

The study indicates those with teenagers are the most stressed, thanks to academic pressures, busy family timetables and the increased need to protect their child in the digital world. The study found:

  • Mums are making healthier choices, with significant drops in the proportion of mums visiting fast food outlets, consuming chocolate and alcohol (when compared with the 2007-2008 study)
  • More mums work full time, from 61% up to 66%.
  • Only 51% of mums who undertook the survey said they were physically active.
  • Mums with children aged 12-15 are more likely to be stressed than mums with newborns
  • When kids are older, parents become more isolated.

Despite these figures, the study showed Mums are handling stress and juggling their responsibilities better, with 67% of those surveyed complaining there are not enough hours in the day, compared with 73% in 2007-08.

Source Details: Motherload, Herald Sun, Sat March 11th 2017, Rose Brennan

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