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Sample to our extensive network of mums, families, celebrities, influencers, school events & media.

Trial is key to conversion. From our 2017/2018 Billion Dollar Mum- What Makes Mums Buy Your Product” Market Research, we know that 97% of Mums rate brand ‘experiences’ as the most influential medium driving them to purchase.

Get your brand into the hands of more mums. Sampling opportunities are available for simple press pack distribution, to large scale sampling roadshows. Kids Business provides brands with:

  • established network of sample groups
  • sample to Mums, celebrities, influencers, school/community groups & media
  • sample 10 products or 10,000!

Other Services

Sampling + review combo initiative

Extend your next sampling campaign with a series of user-generated product reviews.  Kids Business coordinates:

  • entire sampling exercise with exact demographic
  • selects and works with selected users to produce reviews, testimonials
  • full accountability for post-sampling review exercise
  • reviews re-marketed to a strategically curated and custom ‘like-audience’

Generate a sampling and review program guaranteed to reach a wider audience in your exact demographic.

Example Case Study: Medela

Top-line outcomes:

  • EDM sent to database of 7K Mums inviting to participate in Cami Review, including Online Offer to immediately drive sales
  • 15 Mums were selected to receive and review camisole. Mums shared review on independent 3rd party website, Social Mums.
  • Reviews were re-marketed to 100K Mums in Medela’s exact target market via Facebook

Sampling + research combo initiative

The 1-stop solution to generate key market insight and activate product trials simultaneously.  Kids Business coordinates:

  • Entire market research project, including design, execution, analysis
  • Post research product sampling exercise

We’ll ensure you get to know exactly what your customer wants from your product type and then get the product into their hands to ignite future sales.

Example Case Study: Hairy Lemon

Top-line outcomes:

  • Kids Business executed in depth Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research Project for Hairy Lemon. See here further info about our Market Research service.
  • All respondents received sample pack of Hairy Lemon. Over 5K products sampled.

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