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Kids Business executed a grassroots school sampling campaign for the product That! Dairy Snack.

As part of this, 21,000 units were distributed Australia wide.

That! product sampling took place across approximately 20 key, high-traffic destinations/suitable events. All destinations were manually confirmed to have a nearby product stockist.

The campaign ensured product was delivered directly into the hands of target consumers and/or parents.

Photos, contact details and comments from the schools were provided.


“What a success!  Playgroup NSW members enjoyed the World’s Biggest Playgroup Day yesterday at Luna Park with approx 4000 attendees. On behalf of Playgroup NSW, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. It was the vision of the Board Members and our CEO to entertain and provide a fun day to everyone and let them know what Playgroup is all about. Without your support this would not have been possible. As we continue to grow, please know that partnering up with you in such events is vital to the success for Playgroup NSW. You are truly appreciated. Thanks again.”

Playgroup NSW

“The show bags and products were very gratefully received and appreciated by the children.  We have already received some very favourable feedback about the product.”

Craigburn Primary School

“The bags were distributed today and were a huge success ! So many happy mums too!”

St Luke’s Primary School

“We had a great day with approx 1500 people turning up, mainly young families.  The showbags you sent us were very popular and greatly appreciated, not only by us but also the kids who received them.”

Wonthaggi Blue Light’s 30th Birthday

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