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We were blown away with how easy it was for this popular brand to reevaluate their Mum Influencer strategy, gain 30% more ROI and stay relevant with the next generation of Mums….

Last week, I was invited to present to the national team of 20 marketers and publicists representing global brand Disney On Ice to train them on:

“Best Practices: How to influence and inform more Mums via leveraged Influencer partnerships”. This is us:


Last time we supported Disney On Ice was 8 years ago; Disney on Ice was first to jump on board our Influencer Marketing Events (Bloggers Brunch), to fast track partnerships with Mum influencers. This type of marketing continues to have a HUGE impact on converting customers. 8 years on, Disney On Ice asked to regroup and realign their goals and practices with current Mum Influencer Marketing trends.

After all – the generation of Mums we’re all selling to has changed. 

Purchasing patterns have changed. Competitors have change. Tools available to us have changed. Therefore, if we want our brands to be successful, we too need to change.

Disney on Ice already knows their stuff, you might be thinking. Plus, they are super popular; do they even need to improve?

Do you need to improve if what you’ve been doing all this time is working?

The answer is yes. Some polarizing activity is happening atm, forcing leading brands across categories to wake up a little. Via in-depth research Kids Business is continuously asking Mums: What do Brands need to do to get more Mums to invest in their products? Then we share this intel with our clients.

Here are 3 of the 8 topics we presented in the Disney On Ice training session, that you can also benefit from by reviewing for yourself today:

  1. Identify the existing gaps in your influencer process: Assess what you are doing, vs others in related/not related industries to review opportunities, inspiration, do’s and don’ts, trends, roadblocks, and to pinpoint underperforming areas
  2. Explore the role of Influencer Marketing Lead Generation practices to leverage results: look at the systems and processes of these different initiatives to maximise success, attract more future customers and get more out of your current influencer marketing campaigns.
  3. Customise your own future Action Plan: Avoid the cookie cutter approach. Now that you know where you stand versus others, have an idea of different campaigns, rate each step you take in your current processes to map out and break down the steps you’ll take (either internally or via outsourcing) to improve.

Do this and identify 3 key initiatives holding you back from reinvigorated results from your influencer campaigns. You’ll ALSO increase your influencer marketing success by 30%.  And this means more customers.

What Disney on Ice said about their Kids Business training experience: 

“4 Stars! 100% of the delegates will recommend”

“Clearly has great knowledge on the topic & the presentation was tailored to our needs”

“Really stimulated discussion and ideas on how to best interact with influencers”

“Very knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with”

“Excellent examples provided”


If like Disney on Ice, you think you and the team will benefit with a 2-hour training session on World’s Best Practices: Influencer Mum Marketing session + Customised Action Plan, contact us to see if this training will be of benefit to you and your team!

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